Play Wigwams The Perfect Den For Your Children

Hideout Wigwam Children's Play Wigwam

I’ve just spotted the Hideout Wigwam on the lovely GLTC Website, every time I go to that site I see some of the nicest toys, they have such a beautiful collection of toys that you know will be going strong many years from now.

Charlies Hideout DenThe Hideout Wigwam caught my eye because Charlie has spent the week in a Den that is almost the size of his bedroom! In fact he currently has my office chair in there so I had to get one of the kitchen chairs just to write this post…

There is something so natural about the action of a child wanting to make a Den. I’ve tried to think back to where Charlie learnt about making Dens, maybe it was me and my Wife making them for him, It could have been telly or his friends. It could though really just be an inbuilt natural instinct in all of us?

I remember fondly making many dens when I was a kid and not just bedroom ones either, some of the best ones we made where on a bit of wild land near where I grew up in Bradford. We called it “Miles Rough” to this day I haven’t the faintest idea why. It’s probably (hopefully) still there keeping children entertained. it was a great place to explore, there was a pond, stream, little wooded bit and a hill that was spot on for sledging in the winter.

Charlies Hideout DenI wonder now though all these years later how I would feel if it were my Son going on and exploring with his mates. back in those days it wasn’t seen as anything but completely normal to let your children out to play with their mates. Of course most people of course would let their kids out to play but times have definitely changed. The fear of a pedophile hiding around every tree and making sure your children are wrapped up in enough cotton wool seems to have taken its toll somewhat. It’s a sad state of affairs when most of the fear is in our minds.

Anyway sorry that was quite a wide reminiscing tangent I went off on there. My point though is that even in the toy-scape of 2013 with its Xbox and PS3 obsessed youth, I challenge any child when confronted by a den to not instantly want to get inside and start some form of imaginative play. Be it cowboys and Indians or Spaceship Command Center or High Speed Underwater Pirate Ship Cockpit or one of a million other ideas, I guarantee they will be dreaming up some ace scenarios with their incredible minds.

So yes as a parent you can see the beauty of a Den for your children, but there is a down side. You have to be very good at getting blankets, chairs and other “things” constructed into a suitable den shaped construction. I know from past experience that this can sometimes be tricky!

Even with the help of a handful of pegs!

So the alternative is to get your children a Den that can be erected anywhere, inside or out, that’s sturdy enough to last for years and won’t break after a week.

This is where Great Little Trading Co’s fantastic line of Play Wigwams come into their own. Taking approximately 23 seconds to erect these Wigwams are super quick and they instantly give your children the inner sanctum of play that they crave.

Hideout Wigwam

Hideout Wigwam Children's Play Wigwam

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The Hideout Wigwam is styled like the typical American Indian’s sorry how utterly politically incorrect of me, Native Americans style Wigwam.

Its looks exactly the same as one that a child would draw should you ask them to show what they “should” look like. This is it!

Its made of real wooden sticks and proper canvas, fantastic I say. You can even, shock horror, wash it without the complex polyimides separating from the polyester molecules and smudging the delicate paint…. no this is just a good old-fashioned wigwam, made to last, the sort your children are going to be able to pass down to their children.

Seriously your children are going to be sleeping in this, it’s that good!

Camo Wigwam

Camo Wigwam

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Exactly the same as the Hideout Wigwam apart from the Camouflaged Canvas. I think that this may actually get used for longer by some children as it hasn’t got cute little bunnies on it. Just as well-built as the other one though.

Perfect for taking down the beach or even when you go camping this would be a really quick and easy thin to set up for your children to play in.

Floral and the Blue & White Play Wigwams

These slightly more substantial Wigwams are the next step up in the Wigwam Scale. There are two in the range a nice pretty Pink Floral Wigwam and the Blue and White Stripe Wigwam. I think it’s fairly obvious to see which is aimed at which gender of child, whether you agree with this or not, girls just like pink more than boys!

Floral and Blue and White Striped Wigwam

I have to wonder if that little boy is aware though that the shark cushion is eating his arm though, I guess I’ll put that down to a Photoshop fail by someone in the art department at GLTC!

Regardless of children eating shark cushions these two play Wigwams are fantastic and your children will get hundreds of hours of enjoyment out of them. Their playability is as infinite.

A great place to play exciting games with friends or just a quite spot to read a book, these Play Wigwams are in my opinion the sort of presents children should be getting this Christmas.

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