Paper Jamz Rock Guitars – 3mm of SOLID ROCK!

Paper Jamz Rock GuitarsWhen I first saw these Paper Jamz Rock Guitars I wasn’t really sure what all the fuss was about, but the more I read about them the more I could see their huge appeal.

When I heard a Paper Jamz Rock Guitars for the very first time I was utterly blown away at the technology that could make this so! Rock Flipping Tastic!

So what are Paper Jamz Rock Guitars I hear you ask! Well Paper Jamz come in 6 different flavors, each looks like a classic axe, like a Fender or Gibson and each one is literally just 3mm thick!

By using the fantastically technological sounding Active Graphics TechnologyTM those boffins have managed to embed circuits inside the paper of each Paper Jam enabling them to function as close to a real guitar as you can get without actually having a guitar!

Each Paper Jamz Rock Guitars comes with three pre loaded songs for you to jam along to and each guitar has three different songs. Each Paper Jamz has four different modes for you to play with…

• Perfect Play – play perfect guitar to the 3 included hits

• Rhythm – control the guitar rhythm for each song

• Freestyle – play real chords — create your own songs

• Karaoke – sing and play along with the 3 included songs

The fantastic Paper Jamz guitars are loads of fun and will give you hours of Rocktastic enjoyment, yes of course they will never replace the joy of a real guitar but as a cool little toy they are truly fantastic!

Check out the links below for the best online prices for each Paper Jamz!

Paper Jamz Rock Guitars – on Amazon

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Paper Jamz Rock 2 - Instant Rock Star GuitarIncluded Tunes – What I Like About You, Two Princes and It’s The End Of The World As We Know It! Paper Jamz Rock 3 - Instant Rock Star GuitarSongs Included – Born To Be Wild, Mississippi Queen and Smoke on the Water!
Paper Jamz Rock 4 - Instant Rock Star GuitarWith Tracks – You Really Got Me, Blitzkrieg Bop and Godzilla! Paper Jamz Rock 5 - Instant Rock Star GuitarIncluding the Great Tracks – Hey There Delilah, All Star and Helicopter!
Paper Jamz Rock 5 - Instant Rock Star GuitarIncluding the Great Tracks – Hey There Delilah, All Star and Helicopter! Paper Jamz Rock 6 - Instant Rock Star GuitarWith the Tunes – Woman, Rockstar and Take It To The Limit!

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