Cheap Paddling Pools Time In My Garden! Blimey It’s Hot!

Paddling PoolWow its a scorcher today and there was only one place my Son wanted to be today and that was in the Garden in the Cheap Paddling Pool! As I’m sure is often the case with many paddling pools up and down the land, his Pool was shoved in the shed last year and now is looking rather sorry for itself with a big tear up the side 🙁

So today I’ve been on a mission to find a Cheap Paddling Pool for our Son, with a new Baby on the way later in the year, we are having to be careful with the pennies so I’m after the best Paddling Pool I can find!

Now there are literally billions ( well maybe not quite that many ) of Paddling Pools out there in the shops locally and online but most of them share one thing in common, they are made cheap only to be used a few times before they get… shoved in the shed as the summer holidays are over.

I’m after something a bit better thats going to last a few summers and be good for a 4+ year old and his mates. Also it would be nice if our new addition to the family ( due October 🙂 ) could have a go too. erm and me!

So of to the shops I went.. well virtually.

First Up In my Cheap Paddling Pools Search

The first Paddling Pool that caught  my eye was is the 8′ x 30 Intex Easy Set Solid Blue Pool with great reviews by other users and a great price of twenty quid (currently) this look alike a likely candidate. Its big enough for me to lie down fully in and I like this style of sides. Its designed to be strong and durable as well so it ticks a lot of boxes.

Intex Easy Set Paddling Pool

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Here are a few of the comments that caught my eye.

Good value for money, also good size pool for a medium garden. My kids are 3 and 10 and they both enjoy. The only thing, although it doesn’t take much to inflate the ring (about 20 minutes) and is easy to set, it takes about 4 hours with a normal hose to fill it.

Pool I great has given the kids loads of fun…delivery fast and well worth money….took a long time to fill but not surprising due to size….very happy with product and service.

So yeah I quite like this one, I bet it takes ages to fill up though, good job there isn’t a hosepipe ban anymore!

The Second Cheap Paddling Pool I Quite Like

Is surprise supries another Intex one, not sure what it is about this brand that I like but they do look good. The Intex Swim Centre Family Lounge Pool is quite a big paddling pool and one thats design not just for children but for the whole family.

Intex Swim Centre Family Lounge Pool

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What I really like about this one is that it has for seats so its almost like a poor mans hot pool ( I did say almost! ). Another useful feature is that it has a drain plug thats easy to get to.

Like the first Intex Pool this one also has positive reviews from other users too.

It’s a great price for such a large pool and I would definatly recommend this to other parents!

This pool is really good even when no water in. kids use as a little house, with the seats. just as much fun full or empty with water.

This Family Lounge Pool is a little more expensive than the first one, its thirty seven quid (at the moment) but it does have some cracking features.

Right then I like both of these but lets see if we can find anything to rival these two.

Chad Valley My First Frame Pool

So after remembering that my garden is surrounded by a forrest of (EVIL) hawthorn bushes I decided that a different type of paddling pool was in order. I want to get a paddling pool thats going to last for at least a few years so after looking at all the frame type pools I decided I liked the look of the Chad Valley My First Frame Pool.

Chad Valley My First Frame Paddling Pool

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We got ours this morning from Argos and within ten mins my Son and me had it set up and filling up! He had a great afternoon with his mates splashing about, perfect for this lovely hot weather.

So job done my Sn is happy and I managed to only spend twelve quid!

Hopefully i’ve helped you to find the Paddling pool you wanted, if not check Amazon’s Paddling Pool section for loads more fantastical pools and hopefully you will find the one thats right for you.

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Happy Paddling!



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