New 2012 Toys – 32 Of The Most Fantastical Best Toys 2012

Toy Fair 2012 Best New ToysEvery year at the UK Toy Fair the British Toy and Hobby Association choose which new toys they think are the best of the best.

At the Toy Fair 2012, which I sadly missed… I had tickets and everything… out of the billions of fantastical toys on offer they had the job of squeezing all of that brilliant toyness down into one lovely list of wonderfulness!

I have to say they have done an almighty fine job of picking lots of toys that I had earmarked for greatness this year. There is truly something for everyone in this list of best toys 2012.

Below you will find the full 32 Best New UK Toys For Children from the Toy Fair 2012. With each fantastical toy ( well the ones that are available to currently buy) I’ve linked toy to the toy range page on  Amazon where you can order each toy for yourself. I’ve even added where I can a price comparison for each toy.

So without further Adoo, I present to you the best toys 2012!

32 Best New UK Toys For Children – Toy Fair 2012

So there you go what a right selection of Toytastic brilliance there is in all this lot! Well done British Toy and Hobby Association for coming up with such a mighty fine list of 32 Of The Most Fantastical New Toys For 2012!

What do you think of this list? Any toys you think are missing? Add a comment below.

Toy Fair 2012 Best New Toys




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