Nerf N-Strike CS-35 Raider, Rapid Fire 35 Dart Blaster

Nerf N-Strike CS-35 Raider

This Nerf N-Strike CS-35 Raider blaster is sure to get you noticed but never fear as you will have plenty of ammo with the Nerf N-Strike CS-35 Raider to take out anyone! The Nerf N-Strike CS-35 Raider holds an amazing 35.. yes THIRTY FIVE Nerf Darts in its massive magazine!

Nerf N-Strike CS-35 RaiderThis Pump Action Nerf N-Strike CS-35 Raider is a super fast loading Nerf blaster that loads darts from the huge 35 dart magazine, so you will always be ready with that next slamming dart. Great fun if a few of your friends have one or any other Nerf Blaster too so you can all have a Nerf blaster battle!

This is everything that you will get with your Nerf Gun N-Strike Raider, Rapid Fire Blaster, Nerf CS-35… Check it out in all its glory! You get your Nerf N-Strike CS-35 Raider, one huge magazine that clips in the side and 35 darts to load her up with! Believe me though you are going to need more than that! Check out the prices below for the best in the UK.

Here are the Best Prices I’ve Found for the Nerf Gun N-Strike Raider, Rapid Fire Blaster, Nerf CS-35 in the UK

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Nerf Gun N-Strike Raider, Rapid Fire Blaster, Nerf CS-35

There are a few different types of this Nerf N-Strike CS-35 Raider that are available nowadays, you can get the normal one with 35 darts or you can get the special Double Your Darts CS-35 which comes with surprise surprise 70 darts! Also if you can find one there is the fantastic See-through CS-35 which I’ve seen a few pictures of but not sure if they are out in the UK yet.

Please note, prices can and do change all the time, I try to keep my site up to date but its sometimes best to check out the sites above for the most accurate prices.

Check out what deals you can get on the Nerf N-Strike CS-35 Raider on eBay

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Here is the fantastic Nerf N-Strike CS-35 Raider Advert.

Nerf Gun N-Strike Raider, Rapid Fire Blaster, Nerf CS-35

If you want to find out more about the world of N-Strike from Nerf then check out the Official Nerf Website.

So what do you think about the Nerf CS-35? I would love to hear your thoughts about the Nerf Gun N-Strike Raider, Rapid Fire Blaster, Nerf CS-35, is it good, bad? Worth the Money? Did it break? Would you recommend it? Just post your comment below and let the world know!



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