Nerf Dart Tag FuryFire 2 Pack Set It’s Anyone’s Game

Nerf Dart Tag FuryFire 2 Pack Set It's Anyone's GameIf your growing soldiers like the idea of running around for hours at a time shooting at a moving target then the Nerf Dart Tag FuryFire 2 Pack Set will be the perfect gift for them.

Nerf is one of the leading names when it comes to all action shooting fun and with many of the products they make being intended for use by one person, it is great to see a product that can be shared!

The Nerf Dart Tag FuryFire 2 Pack Set, as the name suggests, contains enough equipment for two people to do battle in the garden (whilst pretending they are actually somewhere much more exciting), taking each other on until there is only one person left – the winner.

But with such great equipment to use, the winner could be either one of them! The Nerf Dart Tag FuryFire set contains some wonderful gear to really help set the mood for the forthcoming battle.

First, each player needs to suit up in a special vest which has different printed target zones on it. One is coloured orange and the other green, as are the ultra-cool and modern UVA/UVB ray protection vision glasses that come with the set. Once the vest is donned and the glasses are placed, it’s now time to get serious.

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Nerf Dart Tag FuryFire 2 Pack Set It's Anyone's Game

Each player gets a fantastic Nerf dart gun which has a pump-action facility and an auto-advance barrel which means that the action can continue completely uninterrupted.

The guns hold 10 darts at a time and use the special darts specifically for Dart Tag (they have Velcro on the end allowing them to stick to the vests). Twenty of these powerful projectiles are included in the Nerf Dart Tag FuryFire 2 Pack Set. Once locked and loaded, the game can begin!

There are several specific Nerf Dart Tag games out there and so the pack comes complete with a handy guide to the different official games and explains what the rules are. Essentially it’s a battle of nerve and guile – tag your opponent first and get a high score, or be tagged into submission!

The Nerf Dart Tag FuryFire 2 Pack Set is suitable for children over the age of 8 but it is likely that so many older members of the family will want to have a turn because it is just so much fun to play!

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