Moshi Monsters Series 3 Moshlings!

Moshi Monsters are very very popular in the UK and its no suprise as kids love monsters and they love to collect things too. Moshi Monsters have just released the Moshi Monsters Series 3 Moshlings and on this page I will show you where you what are your options of where to buy and what you get in each pack of Moshi Monsters, so when your children ask for Moshi Monsters, you will know what to look for!

Moshi Monsters Series 3 Names

Lets see what the new Moshi Monsters are called and look at the moshi monsters series 3 names.

Moshi Monsters Series 3 Moshlings

Moshi Monsters Series 3 – Five Figure Pack

Moshi Monsters Series 3 MoshlingsWhen you want to buy some of the new Moshi Monsters Series 3 Moshlings for your children then in my opinion this is the best value pack to buy for around 5 quid you get Five Moshi Monsters Series 3 Moshlings.

In these packs you get 4 Moshi Monsters Series 3 Moshlings that you can see and 1 surprise Moshi Monster.

You also get a free code so you childen can get a free item when thy play the Moshi Monsters game online.

Moshi Monsters are a great collectable are popular in playgrounds up and down the country!

If your looking for some of the series 1 Moshi Monster Moshlings click here.

So lets look at where you can get Moshi Monsters Series 3 Moshlings online in the UK for the best price for your children.

Moshi Monsters Series 3 – Ten Figure Pack

Ive just found out that you can actually get these Moshi Monsters Series 3 Moshlings! in packs of 10 as well.
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