Moshi Monsters Rox Collection Tin

Moshi Monsters Rox Collector TinNow you can add these fantastical new Moshlings to your Moshi Monsters collection with the Moshi Monsters Rox Collector Tin.

The Moshi Monsters Rox Collection Tin is the ideal hideaway to keep any of your Moshi collection, this wicked tin comes with a collector Rox leaflet and eight exclusive ‘Roxy’ style Moshi Monsters Moshling figures.

They all come the in the style of crystals, rocks and gems. They are totally limited edition moshi monsters and these characters are a must have for Moshi fans. Get yours now before they all sell out!

Moshi Monsters Rox Collection Tin Price Comparison

In the Moshi Monsters world, they say rox talks. In the form of crystals, gems and rocks, rox is Moshi money and it’s used to buy a whole host of goodies. These limited edition Moshlings are totally “rox-ified”, making them even more appealing. Each tin contains the same eight Rox Moshi Monsters.

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I have to admit, these little guys are cute. At first when my daughter began her obsession with these and I saw that I was now dealing with rare/ultra rare/hard to find things with prices raising due to their popularity, I was not pleased. So I just keep looking for the reasonable prices of them rather than giving in to the madness. As soon as I came across these I had to buy them for her. She got them today and loves them!

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