Moshi Monsters Are Not In The Cupboard, They’re In Your Pocket!

Moshi Monsters Moshling Collectible FiguresOne of the cutest things that your child is ever likely to come across are the new Moshi Monsters, Moshling Collectible Figures.

Okay, generally the words “cute” and “monster” don’t appear together in the same sentence but there are exceptions to the rule. Almost all the children in the world will have at least heard of Moshi Monsters if in fact they don’t already have their own one (or even more than one!).

In this ever advancing, technological world, children have turned to the computer for social interaction when it’s too cold outside to play. And this is where the world of the Moshi Monster is, coming out of the cupboard and onto the computer screen.

For those of us not in the know, Moshi Monsters are virtual online characters aimed at children between the ages of 7 and 12. They live in their own little world which is colourful, active and pretty much like those of humans, complete with entertainment, places to eat and a virtual High Street to buy goods.

Children are able to create their own monster from a choice of six types and have to look after it by feeding it, playing with it and making its home just right.

Players have to earn something called Rox by playing puzzle games so that they can buy furniture, food and even new homes for their loveable monster. Now that you are familiar with Moshi Monsters, the cute factor is stepped up a level by the addition of Moshlings.

The Best UK Moshi Monsters Moshling Collectable Figures in the UK

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Moshi Monsters Moshling Collectible Figures

So What Are Moshi Monsters?

Moshlings are essentially pets and life-long companions that your Moshi Monster is responsible for and there are many different types to choose from. There are even special and rare Moshlings that will take all of your child’s brain power to get, for Moshlings don’t grow on trees!

They must be attracted to the player’s garden and it is up to the children to find the right combination of greenery to attract the different types of Moshlings.

The virtual world is all very well but children also like to have something to hold and this is where the Moshi Monsters Moshling Collectible Figures come in. Each of these packs comes with 5 collectible Moshlings made out of plastic and can fit most comfortably in any jean’s pocket.

The characters that you get in the Moshi Monsters Moshling Collectible Figures sets are random and your child may just be lucky enough to get one of the rare Moshlings, forever immortalised in bright plastic! As well as the figures, the packs also contain an in-game code, opening up new challenges and puzzles for your child to try the next time they visit the Moshi Monster world.

Whilst the Moshi Monster world itself is aimed at children over the age of 7, the Moshi Monsters Moshling Collectible Figures are suitable for children over the age of 4 – a great way of stopping sibling jealousy from rising up as younger brother or sister can easily get involved in what big brother or sister is doing too.

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