Moshi Monsters Halloween Series 1 Glow In The Dark Moshlings

Moshi Monsters Halloween Series 1A new Moshi Monsters Halloween Series 1 is out now for you to collect. This Moshling pack comes with 5 Special Halloween themed Moshlings & also includes a special secret code that you can use online for a free in-game item!

These are suitable for children aged 4 years and over.

Inside each packet you will find a randomly selection of Halloween Moshi Monsters. Each pack has five 5 Moshlings and they all glow in the dark.

Moshi Monsters Halloween Series 1 Moshlings Price Comparison

Moshi Monsters Halloween Series 1 Names

Lets look at all the different Halloween Moshlings you can collect. Click here to get the individual names.

Moshi Monsters Halloween Series 1

Moshi Monsters Halloween Series 1 on eBay

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