Moshi Monsters Gold Tin 2 – Moshlings Series 2 Price Comparison

Moshi Monsters Moshling Gold Tin Series 2If your children are fans of the very very very (very!) popular Moshi Monsters toy collectable moshlings then this is going to be right up their street, the Moshi Monsters Gold Tin 2 Moshlings Collection Series 2.

The Moshi Monsters Series 1 Gold Tin was incredibly popular with Moshi Monsters fans and continues to be too.

So if your children enjoyed the Series 1 Gold Tin then they are going to love this Moshi Monsters Gold Tin 2 just as much.

Moshi Monsters Gold Series 2 Tin Price Comparison

Lets see whats in the Moshi Monsters Gold Series 2 Tin

The Moshi Monsters Gold Series 2 Tin contains eight new Moshlings and they are as follows, Fifi, Honey, Jeepers Mini Ben, Oddie, Rocky, Lady Meowford & Shishi!

Moshi Monsters Moshling Gold Tin Series 2

The Tin is also a great place for your children to store all of their Moshi Monster toys.

Moshi Monsters Gold Series 2 Tin on eBay

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