Moshi Monsters Gold Collection Tin Series 1

The Moshi Monsters fantastic new Gold Collection Moshlings Tin is a very limited edition set that all serious Moshi fans (like You!) will seriously fall in love with!

Each Moshi Monster’s Gold Collection Moshlings Tin includes a snazzy gold tin, a gold Moshi Monster collection card and eight special gold Moshling figures.

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Moshi Monsters Gold Collection Moshlings Tin

The Special Moshi Monsters found inside the Gold Collection Moshlings Tin Are

Gold Moshi Monsters Snookums, Gold Moshi Monsters Iggy, Gold Moshi Monsters Angel, Gold Moshi Monsters McNutty, Gold Moshi Monsters Gurgle, Gold Moshi Monsters Fumble, Gold Moshi Monsters DJ Quack, Gold Moshi Monsters Stanley.

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