Moshi Monsters Advent Calendar 2012

Moshi Monsters Advent Calendar 2012Moshi Monsters are very very popular with children up and down the land and you can bet your bottom Moshi that this is going to be very popular this christmas.

The New Moshi Monsters Advent Calendar 2012 will put a smile on your Moshi Monster Mad children, they will be able to count down the days to Christmas with their very own Moshi Monsters Advent Calendar.

Each door contains a lovely Moshi Monster Surprise and there is one for every day for a stonking 24 days.

Moshi Monsters Moshi Advent Calendar 2012 Price Comparison

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Lets take a look at all the Moshi Monster Moshlings you get in this ace Moshi Monsters Advent Calendar 2012.

Moshi Monsters Advent Calendar 2012 Contents

With 24 different Moshlings stuffed behind the doors for your child to descover every day up untill that lovely day. You will also find a a sackful of special codes that you can use online at the Moshi Monsters website.

This festive bit of Moshi Monsters fun is the perfect way to get ready for Twistmas.

The Moshi Monsters Advent Calendar 2012 is full of Winter Wonderland Moshlings and each one will contain seven special Twistmas characters, isn’t that ace!

Other toys that you might consider for your children if they love Moshi monsters are :-

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Moshi Monsters Rox Tin – Fantastic Crystal Moshlings that come in a tin thats perfect to store your Moshi collection.

Moshi Monsters My Moshi Home – A wicked hose for your Moshi Monsters to play in thats just like their home on the Moshi Monsters website.

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