Mookie Urban X Stride Scooter – The Revolutionary New Scooter!

Mookie Urban X Stride ScooterThis Mookie Urban X Stride Scooter is a new kind of scooter with a completely unique way to ride. Riding is really easy what you do is stick your feet on the pedals and press up and down, its a bit like one of the stepper machines at the gym, but about 100 million times more fun!

The Mookie Urban X Stride Scooter uses a patented system of propulsion, that is easy to master and easy to use as well. You can literally just step on the Stride Scooter and in 3 seconds you will be away!

Constructed out of super durable steel the frame of the Mookie Urban X Stride Scooter is painted with a striking black and red design.

With a huge 8 inch back wheels which are perfect for gripping the road, the Stride Scooter will keep you stuck to the road. If you need to stop in a hurry no worries as the Mookie Urban X Stride Scooter brakes just like a mountain bike with hand braking leavers on your handlebars.

Want to buy a Mookie Urban X Stride Scooter? Check out the prices and deals below for the best prices I’ve found in the UK

Mookie Urban X Stride Scooter Price Comparison

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