Mookie Classic Swingball Outdoor Fun For The Family

Mookie Classic Swingball With Children PlayingAnyone growing up in the 70s or 80s will particularly remember the game that involved two bats, a pole, a piece of string and a tennis ball – and now your children can enjoy this game thanks to the Mookie Classic Swingball set!

Yes the manufacturers of the original game that all kept us out until we could no longer see the ball to hit it, have re-released the game for a whole new generation to enjoy.

For those of you who lived a sheltered life growing up, Swingball was one of the most popular outdoor games during the 1970s and 1980s. The game basically involves two players who have to hit at the tennis ball attached to a string (which is in turn attached to the pole stuck in the ground) with the bats until one of them wins.

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And it is simple to determine who wins (although many will remember heated debates about who actually won) as one player must hit the ball anti-clockwise and the other hit it clockwise. If the ball goes all the way to the bottom (usually the person hitting anti-clockwise) or all the way to the top (the person hitting clockwise) then you win!

Mookie Classic Swingball is bound to be a sure-fire hit with the younger generation and provide hours of fun in the garden or down at the beach.

The Mookie Classic Swingball set comes complete with two plastic checker-bats which are quite light (265 grammes in fact), a real tennis ball already attached to the string and a pole.

Mookie Classic Swingball

The pole sits steadily in the ground by way of a spike and is fully adjustable up to a height of 62 inches (1.6 metres). This makes it a suitable choice for most family members and is recommended for children aged five and over.

One of the biggest advantages of the Mookie Classic Swingball game is that it helps to develop hand-eye co-ordination in youngsters. So instead of sitting at those computer games all day, you can chase them out into the garden and challenge them to a game of Swingball instead.

In addition to this it also helps to increase their flexibility and develop their core muscles. The only thing you have to watch out for (which has always been the case with Swingball) is the tennis ball knocking them on the head when they aren’t paying attention!

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