Monsuno Cores – Christmas Toys 2012

Monsuno CoreMonsuno Cores are part of a massive craze that’s sweeping the land, if you haven’t heard of Monsuno you certainly will do soon! They feature on many of the Top Toys For Christmas 2012 Lists.

Monsuno World Master  is a new animated series being shown on UK telly, each episode is 30 mins long and the target audience is definitely Boys, but I’m sure many Girls will love it too.

Monsuno Cores are the toy part of the line and having had a play with some the other day I have to say after being initially unimpressed, once I got the hang of what you were meant to do, me and my Son had a great time crashing our Core’s together.

Single Monsuno Cores Prices

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The Monsuno series is all about Chase Suno who wakes up to find his scientist father…

…gone. A legendary scientist, Jeredy had solved a timeless mystery: What happened to the dinosaurs? He discovered their destruction was by shell-like cocoons barraging the four corners of the earth and what emerged from those…creatures with vast powers at their disposal…Monsuno!

So just like Case Suno in the series you can battle with your very own Monsuno Core toys. They come in a varity of different optens for you to collect.

Monsuno Cores are like small tubes that you spin and battle with your friends, each Core contains a Character which will leap into action if the right part of your core is struck. The Creatures work a lot like Bakugan Toys in that they are articulated and fold up to fit in the Cores, they really are very cleverly designed.

First you need to choose which Monsuno Manufacturer you are?

There are three Monsuno Manufactures and the first one is Core-Tech.

Monsuno Cores Core-tech

Their main colours are Blues, Whites and Oranges.

Core-Tech is the manufacturer of Chase Suno and his friend’s Monsuno. The Cores given by Jeredy to people outside of the Core-Tech laboratories tend to be either lighter or darker than the normal blue given inside the labs.

The Second Monsuno Manufacture is The Eklipse Organization

Monsuno Core The Eklipse Organization

Their main colours are Reds, Blacks & Purples.

Eklipse – If there is something illicit happening, it is typically at the hands of Dr. Emmanuel Klipse’s villainous organization – Eklipse. The Monsunos manufactured by Eklipse are as aggressive and destructive as the intentions of their controllers.

The Third Monsuno Manufacture is S.T.O.R.M

Monsuno Core S.T.O.R.M

Their main colours are Yellows, Blacks & Greys

S.T.O.R.M – This secret government arm, responsible for Strategic and Tactical Operations for Recovery of Monsuno, aims to stabilize all unauthorized, planet-wide Monsuno activity. Whether on land, underground or in air, S.T.O.R.M. has a diverse arsenal of machine-like, combat-ready Monsunos.

Other Monsuno Toys and Accessories

Monsuno Wild CoreOnce you have got yourself a few different Monsuno Cores you are going to want to get more, they are addictive, even after just the 30 mins me and my Son played with them, I can see us getting some of our own, infact all the little boys who were there were very interested in them.

Just out are the special Monsuno Wild Cores that are battery powered and they spin round wildly and really add an exciting element to your Monsuno Games.

There are loads of other Monsuno Toys that I will cover in further posts but if you would like to see the whole Monsuno range then click the link below to see more.

Monsuno Cores on eBay

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