Monopoly Millionaire – Christmas Toys 2012

Monopoly Millionaire Board Game Christmas 2012Monopoly Millionaire is the brand new old classic from a company that have managed to make one game sprout legs and morph into so many different versions of Monopoly that I’ve literally lost count of them all.

But this new Monopoly Millionaire is being billed as one of the best toys for Christmas 2012 by many of the biggest toy shops in the UK.

This game is for you and up to three of your friends or family and its really meant for children aged 8 and upwards but I expect many younger children will be able to grasp the concepts in this game.

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Monopoly Millionaire Board Game Christmas 2012

Monopoly Millionaire Review

Most people will already know the concepts of the original Monopoly, its been around for donkeys years and its been a christmas favorite for the same amount of time. Well Monopoly Millionaire is all about making cold hard cash just like the normal Monopoly, but this time its Millions.. and Millions.. the first person to reach the hallowed status of Monopoly Millionaire is the ultimate winner.

As you play through the game you get to live it up pretending you already have the Millionaire lifestyle while you try to make your Million. You will be able to Upgrade your lifestyle as you play with things like Luxury Super Yachts and Private Jets all fuelled by your Big Business Deals.

Monopoly Millionaire Board Game Christmas 2012

Included in the box are the following: Board, 22 Title Deed cards, 4 sets of movers (3 per player), 22 Fortune cards, 14 Millionaire Lifestyle cards, 14 Chance cards, 32 Houses, 12 Hotels, 2 dice, Money, Bank tray and 4 Reminder cards.

The main features of the game are as follows:

First to a million wins!
Live Like a Millionaire!
Upgrade your millionaire lifestyle as you go!
Fortune cards keep play fast and fun!
Featuring Millionaire Lifestyle cards!
Millionaire bonuses!
Players: 2-4 players

If you need a new copy of Monopoly this christmas or you think your friend would like it then I really do think this new Monopoly Millionaire Board Game would make a nice present.

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