Minnie Mouse Precious Pets Tour Van – Christmas Toys 2012

Minnie Mouse Precious Pets Tour VanMinnie Mouse Precious Pets Tour Van is an exciting play set that is centered round the popular Disney Character taking her beloved pets on tour. It has been tipped as one of the top toys for Christmas 2012. A must have for any Minnie mouse fan over the age of two.

Minnie’s pink tour van with iconic spotty bow and yellow handle, is set up to carry all of the Disney mouse’s precious pets as they go on tour. Minnie mouse, dressed in a purple polka-dot dress, is accompanied by Figaro the black and white cat, a cute baby Pluto and an adorable white puppy.

Minnie Mouse Precious Pets Tour Van Price Comparison

Minnie Mouse Precious Pets Tour Van Open

When the van is opened up at the back it reveals colourful side panels with yellow swing, purple slide and hop scotch feature to keep Minnie and her pets entertained. Carried inside the vehicle is a see-saw, mini swimming pool and fun roundabout so that Minnie can create her own training and performing arena. Perhaps her pets would enjoy playing on the slide and zooming into the pool to freshen up on their fun journeys.

The robust, Precious Pet’s Tour Van can be closed up to push along or carry with Minnie riding proudly in the front drivers seat, for all of her fans to see.

Minnie Mouse Precious Pets Tour Van

Minnie, the kind hearted mouse, is part of the successful Mickey Mouse Club House cartoon which is loved by so many. Children will love being able to act out their favourite character’s adventures with this must have play set.

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