Milky The Bunny – Christmas 2011 Dream Dozen Toys

Dream ToysLet me introduce you to Milky The Bunny, a bunny you are seriousy going to love! Milky The Bunny is one of the most wished for toys this christmas and as such has made it into the to 12 Dream Toys for Christmas 2011.

With the Emotion Pets Milky The Bunny, your little ones will have oodles of fun cuddling this cute and seriously adorable white bunny.

Milky The Bunny has large, floppy white and pink ears and attractive brown eyes. Milky is a playful snow white bunny, who can move his eyes, nose, ears and feet, and he makes real bunny sounds.

All you need do is tickle his feet to make him laugh or watch him chew his carrot, complete with crunching sounds. When Milky gets scared, his ears tremble so make sure heÍs always safe and sound. After a hard dayÍs play, Milky The Bunny falls asleep.

Milky The Bunny Price Comparison

Milky The Bunny - Christmas 2011 Dream Dozen Toys

Your little one will love his adorable little snores.

Requires 4x AA batteries. Recommended For 2 years+.

Or you could get your Milky The Bunny on eBay

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