Meccano Multi Models 30 Model Set Easy To Build With 605 Parts!

Meccano Multi Models 30 Model Set BoxMeccano has come on somewhat since I was a lad in the 80’s! This Meccano Multi Models 30 Model Set is seriously Easy To Build and comes with 605 Parts!

I remember the set I had, in fact I think I still have some of it somewhere! My set was very basic in comparison to this one and I think you could only make 10 or so fairly dull models. Roll on 20 years and Meccano has certainly changed, many purists might say its modernized too much and lost its roots, but I think the new style pieces are fantastic!

In this Meccano Multi Models 30 Model Set you get 605 pieces which is enough to make 30 different models although you can’t make them all at once, you h ave to make each model separately. This is great though as it will give you hours and hours of building pleasure!

The Models are easy to build for children aged 8 upwards and you get a selection of tools to help you to, including a battery powered screw tool. Each model is motorized in some way using the included 6 volt motor.

Meccano Multi Models 30 Model Set Price Comparison

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Check out the fantastic Helicopter below that you can make with this set.

Meccano Multi Models 30 Model Set Helicopter Model That You Can Build



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