New Mattel loopz Game, its Simon Says for the 21 Century!

Mattel Loopz GameThis new game from Mattel takes an old game concept ( Simon Says ) and has brought it right up to the 21 Century with fantastic motion technology, say hell o to the new Mattel Loopz Game.

The idea is simple, the Mattel loopz Game machine will play a sequence of notes and flash different coloured lights in one of the four zones, you then have to repeats this sequence, if you get it right you carry on, but the longer you can remember the steps the longer it goes on and the faster you have to do it, how long can you last!?

So if you have the Loopz Skills then take on your friends to see who is the fastest and who has the best memory!

In the olden days, before computers and proper games consoles! There was a similar game called Simon Says which you had to press four coloured buttons in a similar sequence, the new Mattel Loopz Game uses motion technology so you essential just need to wave your hand through each semi circle for the Loopz game to register your move.

Mattel loopz Game Price Comparison

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Mattel Loopz Game

The longer you play though the faster and harder it gets! This Mattel loopz Game game will give you and your mates hours and hours of fast paces and sometimes frustrating fun!

Mattel Loopz Game

Mattel loopz Game on eBay

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Mattel loopz Game Links

Official Loopz Game Site

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