Match Attax Tin 10/11 – A New Football Season, A New Tin!

Finally its here, this is what you have all been waiting for the brand spanking new 2010-2011 Football Season Match Attax Tin 2010/11!

Match Attax Tin 2010-2011 Collectors Tin

Match Attax Tin 10/11 Price Comparison

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Its that time of year again, when Match Attax fanatics up ad down the land a chomping at the bit to get heir collection of to a rip roaring start and there is no easier way to get your collection of to that great start than with one of these fantastical Match Attax Tin 10/11

Match Attax is the most popular Trading Game in the UK following all the action in the Barclays Premier League. This year there are a massive 450, yes you saw that right FOUR HUNDRED AND FIFTY cards to collect.

In your Match Attax Tin 10/11 you get a random selection 60 cards and one completely limited edition card, these are normally only available in these tins, so if you are hoping for a full collection then this is the best way to start of with one of these tins.

As with previous years of Match Attax you get all the Barclays Premier League’s best players represented with their own cards, you also will have your old favorite cards, ‘Man of the Match’, ‘Hundred Club’ and ‘101 Player’ to hunt out. But that’s not all, no, there are some new card sub sets this year for you to look forward to, I will post details on these when I get them.

Match Attax Tin 10/11 Collectors Tin

Not only are you getting a nice big wodge of cards with this New Match Attax Tin 10/11 you are also going to be getting some great new innovations with the game play element of the new match Attax Cards for 2010/2011!

Now the Match Attax Tin 10/11 is available for you to buy on the 30th of September, but if you want to make sure you get yours on day one then check out the links below where you can pre-order them right now and you should have your Match Attax Tin 10/11 waiting for you on your doorstep on the 30th!

Match Attax Tin 10/11 cheaper on eBay?

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