Magnetic Football Table Keep Track Of The Footie Tables!

Magnetic Football Table Keep Track Of The Footie Tables! As soon as I saw this fantastic new Doowell Magnetic Football Table Chart from Festa Crafts I just knew that Football fans up ad down the country would love it.. really love it!

What is it then I hear you ask, well it is actually a really simple concept, you have a metal board featuring each of the top four Football leagues in England and Wales and every single team has its own magnet to stick on the board. So With the Magnetic Football Table you can keep track of all the ups and downs of all your favorite teams in all the football leagues.

Doowell Magnetic Football Table

It comes with all 92 teams in the top four leagues and each team magnet has a space for you to write on their points, using a wipe of pen! This is not just for this season either, you can use this for every season for well ever… because you also get all the Conference League teams as well so its not a problem when teams move up or down, you can keep track. With a few blank ones just incase any new teams are added you are totally sorted!

This would be a perfect gift for a Football fan in your life! Or just for yourself 😉 !!

Magnetic Football Table Best Price Online in The UK

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