5 Noddy Toys That Your Children Will Love

Let me tell you about a nice chap called Noddy

A Picture of Noddy Waving For the Noddy Toys PageI’m sure there are many many people in the UK, who, like me have been brought up with Noddy Books, I remember many a night being read to by my parents, the fantastic adventures of Noddy and his friends.

I’d also like to think that there are many children up and down the country and even around the world who feel asleep tonight to the tales of Noddy, Car and Big Ears!

Noddy is a fun and jolly character invented by Enid Blyton in 1949 who lives in the magical world of Toyland with all his chums.

Enid created one of the most loved children’s characters when she created Noddy.

The magical world he lives in is now all these years later going strong with the new Noddy TV show that’s kept my Son entertained on Channel 5’s Milkshake for years.

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There are 24 original Enid Blyton Noddy books based on Noddy and his adventures in Toyland and I believe that Enid Blyton’s daughter had planned to write a new book to for Noddy’s 60th Birthday.

As well as all the classic Noddy books there are host of books based on the recent TV series if you would like to see the full range of Noddy Books on Amazon click here.

Its quite incredible really how long Noddy has been on our TV screens, I was very surprised to find that he has been on the TV since 1955.

Now that is a seriously long time, 50 years on the small screen, well done Noddy.

Enid Blyton’s books were transferred to TV in the show The Adventures Of Noddy and many incarnations of mesmerised the children of the world since and now Noddy in Toyland  is the latest incarnation.

My Son has enjoyed it since he was a very small squiglet!

Now books are fantastic and an essential part of a child’s education but most smaller children can’t read then themselves so thats where toys come into the picture!

Toys are in my opinion one of the best things the help children develop their imagination and Noddy toys have played a part in my Son’s development.

Star Wars Lego Noddy CarFor his second Birthday ( I think, I’ll be honest 4 years in they are beginning to merge!) one of his presents was a lovely little Noddy figure and Car, he was very excited about it and loved the fact that book opened up and he could bung things in there for Noddy to transport around the carpet.

Although my Son didn’t become a massive Noddy fan he does still to this day play with his Noddy Car but if I’m honest, more often than not it now has LEGO star wars figures in the seats!

Its a great little car but the windscreen does keep falling off…

So which are the Best Noddy Toys for your little ones?

There are literally bucket loads of Noddy Toys that you could buy for the little person in your life and in this section I’m going to try and help you out by showing you which I think are the best choice Noddy Toys in each price bracket.

1. Noddy Toys for you if your budget is less than a tenner.

Noddy PlushMy choice in this price bracket is a perfectly priced Noddy Toy if you are buying this as a present. At £7.50 this is within most peoples budgets and your little one is going to love this Noddy in Toyland 15cm mini plush figure.

This is suitable for children from 1 year old and up and you can just imagine your little one snuggling up to this while you read them a wonderful Noddy tale from Toyland!

If you think your little one might like this than click the link above and take a closer look, I’m sure if they love Noddy they will love this Noddy Plush.

2. If your spending £10-£20 on you Noddy Toy this could be it.

Jumbo NoddyI just had to put this Jumbo Cuddle Noddy on this page because its huge, 55cm, its got excellent reviews on Amazon and that alone tells me that is a really good quality toy.

I’ve found that it really does pay to pay attention to other reviews on Amazon especially if they are all good!

As with the cheaper version of the Noddy Plush this 55cm Jumbo Noddy is sure to become your little Noddy Fans new best friend, he looks the part well and truly.

3. A Noddy Toy you might like if your budget is £20-£30.

Now my next choice might be a little unconventional but in the new Noddy in Toyland TV show Noddy has some seriously cool vehicles to drive and one of the best is his fantastic Monster Truck and I was happy to find there is a great Noddy Fix ‘n’ Go Monster Truck that is more than just a car.

This is not just a Noddy Monster Truck, no no no, this is a Fix N Go Monster Truck and your budding mechanic can take much of the Monster Truck apart and then put it back together again.

I’ve not played with this particular toy, but my Son and me played with a Thomas toy that was similar and these style of toys work really well and keep kids occupied for ages.

Noddy Fix n Go Monster Truck

You get a little spanner to take off the wheels, radiator and boot and if my little boy is anything to go by kids love tools, especially tools they can use on their toys!

The Fix ‘n’ Go Monster Truck will need three AAA batteries to make it work but thankfully they are included and at £25 I think that’s good value for the amount of play your Noddy fan will get out of it.

4. If you’d like to spend more than £30 than this is for you.

Vilac Noddy Train SetI alway like wooden toys and especially wooden train track type toys, they are so durable and last for many generations, they are the type of toys that you can pass on to familiy members when your kids get to old.

So my next choice of Noddy toys for you is the Vilac Noddy Train Set which features a simple figure of eight track with bridge and a selection of Noddy themed trains and accessories.

A great addition to your child’s wooden track collection or a great starter pack to get your children’s collection started.

The description says its sutable for children adged 4 or aboue which I think is a little odd.

I would say this is sutable from 1-2 years old, but as always with things like this, suitability for your children is your decision in the end.

This excellent Vilac Noddy Train Set is available now from Amazon, click the link above for more info.

5. If money is no object then you have to check out this!

 Noddy Pedal CarA Noddy Pedal Car is the ultimate in Noddy Toys.

The Noddy Pedal car is basically as the saying goes “what it says on the tin” its big enough for a child to get in and use the pedals inside to make “Car” move around your garden.

This is the ultimate in independence for a little Noddy fan.

Noddy Toys in Conclusion

These are just a very small selection of whats been created over the years so there are loads to choose from if you are a collector of Noddy Toys.

Noddy Has many friends in Toyland such as Big Ears, Tessie Bear, Bumpy Dog and the Tubby Bears, he is constantly helping his friends to stop those naughty goblins who are always trying to stop the fun!

Below you will find a selection of Noddy Toys that are finishing right now, click the links to see the full listing on eBay. EBay is a great place to buy your Noddy Toys as you get instant access to hundreds of small sellers all selling new and used Noddy Toys and you can always grab yourself a bargain!

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