London Wooden Train Set! Who Needs A Map When You Have This Set

London Wooden Train SetIf you are being pestered to go on a journey by your little angels then you can take them on an exciting tour of one of the biggest and best cities in the world without leaving the house thanks to the Branching Out City of London Wooden Train Set.

This fantastic wooden train set is part of the “Branching Out” range of toys made by the renowned company John Crane, who have won awards for their high quality products in a variety of the ranges that they represent.

They also have a reputation for providing fantastic wooden toys and have brought the world of wood back into the nation’s homes.

The Branching Out City of London Wooden Train Set is aimed at children over the age of 3 and provides a fantastic opportunity for pre-schoolers to learn about the world around them. This set is also particularly great at encouraging imaginative play and developing hand-eye co-ordination.

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There are over 70 pieces in the Branching Out City of London Wooden Train Set meaning that there is hours of fun to be had exploring the famous sights to be found in the great city of London.

London Wooden Train Set

The fun starts with building a wooden train track which makes a figure of eight shape and includes a bridge. There are beautifully decorated and detailed underground carriages that run along the track allowing the passengers to see some of the more familiar sights of London.

This includes the likes of the BT Tower, Big Ben, The Gherkin, Canary Wharf, Buckingham Palace and the London Eye (The Eye is a particular favourite as it actually turns round like the real thing!).

Passengers can then hop off of the train and take another mode of transport such as the famous London red bus or a black taxi cab to see the sights up close. Of course, you have to be careful because there are the Buckingham Palace guards to contend with if you get too close to the palace resulting in you being taken away in the speedy police car!

The Branching Out City of London Wooden Train Set is a wonderful set on its own but the beauty of its design is that the pieces can also be used in conjunction with many other wooden train sets that are available.

It is also very versatile as it can be used on a table or on the floor. So put your feet up and let your child take you on a whirlwind tour through their imagination and the streets of London City!

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