Little Tikes Easi-Store Giant Slide Have Hours of Sliding Fun!

Little Tikes Easi-Store Giant SlidePlaying out in the garden is something that experts think that children don’t do enough of nowadays but you can do your bit to tempt them out with the fantastic Little Tikes Easi-store Giant Slide.

Little Tikes is one of the most prominent names in outdoor toys and their products have a reputation for being sturdy enough to survive for years, making purchasing the Little Tikes Easi-store Giant Slide a very good investment!

There are many Garden Slides out there but they are not all suitable for children of all ages and again, Little Tikes ensure that they cater for the younger end of the market so they don’t miss out on outside fun.

This particular slide is designed for children aged 3 and over, but it is safe to say that children up to the age of around 8 could easily play on this product without fear of it becoming irretrievably damaged!

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Little Tikes Easi-Store Giant Slide

Like many of the toys that the manufacturer makes, the Little Tikes Easi-store Giant Slide has a chunky design with an emphasis on wide steps, a wide base at the bottom of the slide and built-in safety rails for ascending to the top.

The sides are rounded and the whole of the equipment is made from sturdy, roto-moulded double walled plastic ensuring that it is safe to use and that it can stand whatever the British weather decides to throw at it.

Little Tikes Easi-Store Giant SlideThe slide itself runs for 1.8 metres and provides a smooth ride down right to the bottom with a widened end to help for easy exit. To keep the little ones happy, the slide comes in various colours from two lovely shades of green to a mixture of red and blue.

One of the biggest features (certainly from an adult’s perspective) is that the Little Tikes Easi-store Giant Slide folds away neatly when not in use.

This makes it an ideal choice for those with small gardens as you do not have to sacrifice space with a great big clumpy slide that needs four burly men to lift it out of the way.

Some assembly of the slide is needed but it does not take a lot of time to set it up and the sturdy wide base of the step section means that no ground anchors are required. So get the little ones off the couch and into the garden for hours of sliding fun!

Little Tikes Easi-store Giant Slide Cheaper on eBay?

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