LEGOLAND Discovery Centre Manchester – Build Your Own LEGO Video Guides

LEGOLAND Discovery Center Manchester Opening Day

I Seriously love LEGO and I was very happy today to see an email in my inbox letting me know about these most excellent videos that have been bunged up on Youtube from LEGOLAND Discovery Centre Manchester. I have to admit it was next to me that there was anything LEGO in Manchester, which is fantastic.

Still waiting for LEGOLAND Rutland to open up in my village, I can’t imagine it will take long… lol I’d go every day!

I vaguely remember hearing something about a LEGOLAND Discovery Centre in Manchester, but as I no longer live ‘Up North” I hadn’t really payed all that much attention to it. Now I’ve taken a look it look utterly fantastic and next time we are up north we will be heading over to the dark side of the Pennines (I’m from the mighty Yorkshire!) to visit the LEGOLAND Discovery Centre Manchester.

LEGOLAND Discovery Centre Manchester – What’s there then?

Well it seems to be just a big pile of LEGO bricks in a shop that kids can play with…joke!

Of course its a whole heap more than that, they have crammed literally truck loads of LEGO Bricks into their LEGO Discovery Center. Its a really cool LEGO themed centre thats of course not as big as LEGOLAND Windsor as its just one shop, but it has loads of cool displays and its a great for young children to discover something new about their favorite LEGO themes.

Here is a cool visual from the LEGOLAND Discovery Centre Manchester website that shows all of their cool attractions.

LEGOLAND Discovery Center Manchester Map

Doesn’t it look fantastic, we are definitely visiting here when we get a chance, my Son and Daughter will love it.

Anyway I’ve got all excited and distracted by the actual LEGOLAND Discovery Centre and forgotten the whole point of this post which is their excellent videos that will teach you how to build some great little LEGO Models with your children and your their LEGO.

LEGOLAND Discovery Centre Manchester Building Guide – Build A LEGO Blackpool Tower

LEGOLAND Discovery Centre Manchester Building Guide – Build A LEGO Halloween Pumpkin

LEGOLAND Discovery Centre Manchester Building Guide – Build A LEGO Halloween Ghost

So there you have it, I’ll be giving these a go with my Son in the next few days, I’ll post our efforts on this page when we have finished them!

I’ve just posted three of their excellent tutorial videos, check out the LEGOLAND Discovery Manchester’s Youtube Channel for loads more guides to building cool LEGO things.



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