Lego – Still Going Strong Over Fifty Years On!

Lego ToysLego Toys – a name that everyone has heard of – and if you haven’t, then where have you been! Several generations will fondly reminisce playing with the brightly coloured plastic bricks and gladly, it seems, many more generations will continue to endlessly play with this simple yet addictive Lego Toys.

The company behind Lego Toys has an interesting history. Back in 1932 a Danish businessman named Ole Kirk Christansen started a small factory business making wooden toys. This, in essence, means that Lego bricks could have started life in wooden form, not plastic! It was not until 1947 that Christansen noticed that plastic was an optimum material for making toys and he invested in the first mould injection machine to be sold in the country in 1949. It was in this golden year that the Lego brick as we know and love it today was developed.

The name of the bricks was something else that was the brainchild of Christansen. Although he ran a competition for his employees to find a great name for the product, it was he himself who came up with Lego Toys. The name of the toy comes from a combination of the Danish words “Leg” and “godt”, which literally means “play well”.

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And play well they most certainly do. After over 50 years of being available to children of differing ages, Lego is still one of the most popular toys in the marketplace. With an ever increasing choice of Lego toys, there is a wide appeal to all types of children with varying interest. It can be hard to pinpoint the top selling Lego products because there are so many of them.

Certainly one at the top of the list is the Ninjago collection. The world of Ninjago was created many years ago by the first master of Spinjitzu, forging the world with four magical weapons. The world was then entrusted into the care of the master’s two sons – and yes you guessed it, one of them turned to the side of evil. And so all these years later good is still battling evil and trying to instil order back into the Ninjago world. There are several popular collections for this Lego Toys theme, particularly Lord Garmadon’s Dark Fortress, which includes scary skeleton enemies, a spinning throne and a horrid looking, overly large spider.

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The thing about Lego Toys is that, no matter what age you are and whether you want something big or small, there is something for everyone. This is why the minifigures collections also feature high on the wanted lists of children (and some addicted adults) all over the world. It used to be the case that you had to buy a large Lego set in order to be able to collect these fun, interesting minifigures, but the company soon realised that there was such a demand that they had to comply!

Keen collectors can now obtain little packets of various minifigures (each packet contains 1 minifigure out of a possible 16 to collect in each series). Each series is different and they are only available for a limited time. One big reason that the Lego minifigures series’ are so popular is that they can be bought with a little pocket money or make great stocking fillers or birthday party prizes.

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