LEGO The Hobbit The Goblin King Battle Review

LEGO The Hobbit The Goblin King Battle Scene

LEGO The Hobbit The Goblin King Battle – Simon’s Review

This LEGO The Hobbit The Goblin King Battle set is by far the biggest model in the new range of LEGO Hobbit toys, and its a right stonker. It reminded me a lot of the LEGO Lord of the Rings Orc Forge in its design, its really ramshackly (I know, new word!) and very befitting of the crazy Goblins that have constructed it for the Huge Goblin King.

Having not seen the Film yet (its not out) and its quite a few years since I read the Hobbit, I’m a bit sketchy on this scene to be honest. I did try to read the Hobbit to my 4 year old Son but it was a little bit too old for him and he decided he didn’t want to carry on with it, we will try in a few years time again, I’m sure like me he will love it.

LEGO The Hobbit The Goblin King Battle Minifigures

One thing though is that this set is flipping great, just look at the intricate detail they have crammed into this thing, and its worth getting just for the magnificence of the Goblin king.. well done LEGO!

Right lets firstly take a look above to see where the best place to buy your LEGO The Hobbit The Goblin King Battle is currently in the UK.

Next up let’s hear from the horses mouth, so to speak, about this LEGO The Hobbit The Goblin King Battle set. The video below is from the LEGO Designer who designed this set, he will tell you about all the lovely features from the film, that he was able to build into this set.

LEGO The Hobbit The Goblin King Battle Main

Click here to watch a video from the LEGO Designer who made this Goblin King Battle Set.

Doesn’t this LEGO The Hobbit The Goblin King Battle Scene picture look fantastic, it really makes this set come alive,, this is the image that LEGO created for the front cover of the box.

Here we have the image of everything that’s included in the LEGO The Hobbit The Goblin King Battle. First up lets look at the LEGO Minifigures you get with this set and there are quite a few.

You get seven LEGO Minifigures and one Mammoth figure! Firstly the three dwarves are Dori, Nori and Ori and each come with their own weapons. Then you have a fantastic Gandalf the Grey with his sword and staff, the Utterly Ginormous Goblin King who is like the Stone Troll from the Mines of Moria Set, he is huge and very menacing.

Rounding up the Mini-figures we have three goblins each with their own nasty swords and accessories.

LEGO The Hobbit The Goblin King Battle Box

The Goblin King’s Throne room is incredibly intricate and features some fantastic additions. The ladder to the left has a function where you can flick a switch to knock it over so you need to be careful when climbing it. Likewise the rope bridge has a similar function.

There is a great hanging basket where the King’s Goblin Scribe lives, recording what the Goblin King Says. The Throne of the Goblin King is huge and very well designed, he is surrounded by loads of items and underneath his Throne is a secret compartment where he keeps his treasure.

Also there is a trap down the back of the throne that you can see in the image here. Literally though all over this set are interesting little features and extras

Any LEGO Tolkien fan would love this set, I know I would, I’ll be asking Father Christmas for this for Christmas, hopefully he is listening, because I would really love this LEGO The Hobbit The Goblin King Battle for my prezzie! I hope you enjoy it if you get one 🙂

LEGO The Hobbit The Goblin King Battle

What LEGO say about this set…

Save The Company of Dwarves! The goblins have captured the heroic Dwarves and imprisoned them deep inside their filthy caves. Help Gandalf™ the Grey sneak past The Goblin King and set them free! Discover the cave’s functions, secrets and hidden treasures as you fight your way to freedom by firing the catapult, collapsing the rope bridge, lifting the bucket crane, tipping the ladder and finding the map. Defeat The Goblin King in an epic underworld battle! And beware The Goblin King throne’s trapping function!

UK Price Comparison

LEGO The Hobbit An Unexpected Journey Logo

Toy Brand


Suggested Age:

Seven and Up

Toy Dimensions:

Height – 37.8cm
Width – 48cm
Depth – 7.1cm
Weight – 1.4KG
Pieces: 841


• Cave features The Goblin King’s throne with trapping function and hidden treasure function, a working crane, collapsing bridge, catapult, and tipping ladder
• Accessories include map, skulls, bone elements, torches with flame elements, golden crystals and The Goblin King’s crown and bone scepter
• Includes more than 10 weapons: 4 swords, 2 axes, staff, ball and chain, club, mace and more
• Collapse the bridge!
• Defeat The Goblin King!
• Fire the catapult!
• Capture the goblins with the hidden trapping function!
• Unearth the hidden treasure with the secret skeleton trigger!
• Collect the 7 exclusive minifigures available only in this building set

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