LEGO The Hobbit An Unexpected Gathering at Bag End

LEGO The Hobbit An Unexpected GatheringI can’t belive that this set wasn’t made for the LEGO Lord of the Rings series of toys, but thankfully they made it for their LEGO Hobbit range because it is a brilliant LEGO set.

LEGO The Hobbit An Unexpected Gathering is a very well thought out model of Bilbo Baggins (and later Frodo Baggins’s) house Bag End. With this set you will be able to pretend you are Bilbo as he answers the door to a gaggle of unexpected Dwarves, an old Wizard and inadvertently becomes their burglar!

This is an incredibly well thought out LEGO set that is literally crammed full of features that you would expect to find in Bag End. Lets see where is the cheapest place in the UK is to buy the LEGO The Hobbit An Unexpected Gathering.

LEGO The Hobbit An Unexpected Gathering Price Comparison

Now lets take a look at the video below in which the LEGO designer of this LEGO The Hobbit An Unexpected Gathering set talks about all of the features and hidden details he has crafted into this set.

Its great isn’t it to hear from the person who actually made this toy, it gives you a really deep understanding of all of the features he has managed to cram into this great Bag End Set and its great to see the models progression.

LEGO The Hobbit An Unexpected Gathering Scene

Another fantastic Scene image from LEGO that really brings this LEGO The Hobbit An Unexpected Gathering to life.

LEGO The Hobbit An Unexpected Gathering Main

So lets look at the main features of Bag End. There is a small vegetable patch out the front, because like most hobbits Bilbo is a big fan of food and growing his own, there are carrots planted ready to be plucked Next to this is the small pathway up to the very famous green round door of Bag End, that Gandalf marks with the mark of the Burglar to tell the Dwarves where they are meeting.

The front of Bag End is resplendent with special created new round LEGO pieces to make the round windows just perfect. Bilbo has a bench out side where he can sit while smoking his pipe watching the world go by. There is a barrel for collecting his carrots and a wooden fence at the front of his garden.

LEGO The Hobbit An Unexpected Gathering Minifigures

There are a whole gaggle of LEGO Minifigures included in this set, six in total. You get a LEGO Gandalf the Grey, Bilbo Baggins in his Shire outfit, Balin, Dwalin, Bombur and Bofur the dwarves. Each Minifigure comes with a host of weapons and impliments.

LEGO The Hobbit An Unexpected Gathering Inside Bilbo Baggins House

When you take of the roof of this LEGO The Hobbit An Unexpected Gathering set you will find that the inside is jsut as exisetly designed as the outside.

There is a table crammed with food for the hungry Dwarves, the drink is flowing and Bilbo’s house has details like his chest full of his treasures and his place where he is writing his book, there are shelves for storing his trinkets and even some little LEGO Maps with the proposed Journey of the Adventurers.

I have to say this set is one of my favorite in the New LEGO Hobbit Range, well given the choice (and the funds) I’d have them all!

Is this one on your list this Christmas?

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