LEGO Star Wars R2-D2 Could This Really be Any Cooler?

LEGO Star Wars Ultimate Collector Series R2 D2

Seriously peoples could this Lego Star Wars R2D2 set be any cooler, really? Personally I really don’t think its possible this is the epitaph of LEGO Coolness and Star Wars Nurdess.

Thinking about it actually there might be a feww that are cooler, like the Death Star and the Super Star Destroyer…… ok well its well up there in the top ten list of LEGO Fantasticals.

Go on Look at it, LOOK AT IT,


LEGO Star Wars Ultimate Collector Series R2 D2

Now back to me, come on focus, I know, its nice but focus Daniel Son…

Not only do you get a utterly massive R2 D2 thats almost as big as the real thing (I know R2D2 isn’t real….) but you also bet a cool little one to add to your LEGO Minifigures Collection. 2127 bits… yes you read that right, Two Thousand and Twenty Seven Bits!

I first saw this on the LEGO Website in the coming soon section a good while back and I have to admit I’d forgotten all about it, due to the massive Gargantuan amount of toys that have hit the shops this year. Thankfully though the people at Argos decided that the LEGO Star Wars Ultimate Collector Series R2D2 was a worthy addition to their Christmas 2013 Top Toys List.

And you know what?

I wholeheartedly agree. Well if I’m honest you could put anything LEGO in the list and I’d be happy, but this ArrToo is a seriously fine LEGO Set.

So What do you Get With the LEGO Star Wars R2-D2 Ultimate Collector Series

Well its a whole heap massiveness. There are loads and loads of bits and the box it huge. I’d love to say I have it, sadly i don’t and if I’m honest I know my wife wouldn’t let me and my Son have it, you you my fellow LEGO fan are going to have to take up the challenge for me. i’m sure you are more than capable of building this hundred and fifty quid (about) behemoth.

LEGO Star Wars Ultimate Collector Series R2 D2The general guide for this toy is that is suitable for fifteen years and over. Personally I don’t agree I know loads of 7-10 years old who could easily tackle building this with minimal help. As always though you will know your children’s abilities (or your own!).

So Here is a list of all the thangs it does and is according to the LEGO Bible erm Shop.

  • Ultimate Collector Series R2-D2™!
  • Features retractable third leg!
  • Front panels open to reveal a universal computer interface arm and circular saw!
  • Features realistic rotating head!
  • R2-D2 features 2 fold-out front spacecraft linkage control arms!
  • Includes fact plaque and R2-D2 minifigure!
  • Measures over 12” (31 cm) high and 7” (18 cm) wide!

I imagine although this is a wicked toy, lets be honest, not many people are going to be able to justify a hundred and fifty quid on a LEGO set, cool as it is, but if you can then I fully expect you are in for a real good treat!

It would be great to hear from you if you have had the chance to build this set, I’d appreciate you let everyone else if its worth the moolar to get this LEGO Star Wars R2-D2 set?



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