LEGO Star Wars Desert Skiff – Christmas Toys 2012

LEGO Star Wars Desert SkiffThe first thing I thought when I saw this new LEGO Star Wars Desert Skiff set was, people will want this (I do!), its got A LEGO Boba Fett Minifigure with it!

Roll on a few months later and the LEGO Star Wars Desert Skiff features on the Dream Toys 2012 best Construction Toys list and I’m not surprised.

Featuring a LEGO Star Wars Desert Skiff vehicle, four Mini-figures and even a model of the desert beast which I’ve just learnt is bizarrely called the Sarlacc Pit, which features in the Return of the Jedi Film.

LEGO Star Wars Desert Skiff Price Comparison

So lets take a closr look at this new LEGO Star Wars Desert Skiff which is one of the new range of the ver popular LEGO Star Wars Range. This year they have gone back to the Star Wars roots and created a fine selection of sets themed straight from the classic films (hurrah).

Lets see it in all its lovely glory…

LEGO Star Wars Desert Skiff

Comprising of 213 pieces this is the perfect Christmas Present size toy and only costing around 20 quid its IMO great value, especially when you consider its got four LEGO Minifigures. Did I mention there is a Bobba Fett….??!!

LEGO Star Wars Desert Skiff

So in the box you get Luke Skywalker, Lando Calrissian, Boba Fett and Kithaba LEGO Minifigures and I know for a fact that Bobba Fett is very popular as LEGO Minifigures used to go for silly money.

The Desert Skiff is just like the one you will be familiar with from the Film and the deadly Sarlacc Pit is a nice attempt at quite a complex subject matter, but they have done a good job of making a cool toy that children will love playing with.

 LEGO Star Wars Desert Skiff deadly Sarlacc Pit

This is aimed at 7+ year olds, but I know for sure my son (almost 5) could handle building this.

A great Christmas Present sized toy 🙂

LEGO Star Wars Desert Skiff on eBay

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