LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar 2013 – Disappointing?

lego star wars advent calendar 2013 Box Image

My Thoughts on the New LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar 2013

When I saw that there was a new LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar 2013 out in the shops I quickly went to have a look thinking, Oooo my Son will be wanting one of those for the beginning of December.

I have to say though after looking through the LEGO Star Wars ships and figures that come hidden behind their individual door this year, I came away feeling a little bit Meh.

I was expecting to find, as we did last year in the LEGO Star Wars 2012 Calender and the LEGO Star Wars 2011 Calender a year before, a load of new and fresh little mini LEGO models.

But what I see in this new LEGO Star Wars Calendar 2013 are quite a few models I recognise from previous versions.

Now it may be that my initial impressions are just a bit too picky, maybe my first impressions are a bit hasty. One thing I know for sure from personal experience is that these LEGO Calendars give way more long-term fun to kids and a little bit of (generally rubbish tasting) chocolate, in my opinion.

No Disappointing is too strong a word, this LEGO Star Wars 2013 Advent Calendar is not disappointing, its only mildly disappointing for people who have had the last two. If your Son or Daughter has never had one of these then seriously, don’t wait. Just get one because the models are top quality and will last for, well ever.

I will always recommend LEGO for the simple fact that if your children look after their collection. They will be giving it to their children all being well in the future!

What’s in the LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar 2013 box?

LEGO Star Wars Advent Calender 2013 Contents Image

As with the previous years you get a whole load of different types of LEGO minifigures and mini space ships. These I’ve found are the perfect size for little fingers to build in a few minutes. A great treat every morning before school, or even after school. A nice addition, or the start of your childs LEGO collection.

As with all LEGO the fun really starts when your child discovers all the different combinations they can make up with all their LEGO bits and Bobs.

So yes I fully recommend this LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar 2013, your kids will love you all the more!

Just had another thought regarding this LEGO set. If your child hasn’t had the last years one, the ones from LEGO Star Wars 2012 Calender then there is nothing stopping you buing that one and you might even be able to get it cheaper on eBay or somewhere like that.



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