LEGO Olympic Minifigures – Limited Edition Olympic Toys

Brand new from LEGO come these fantastic range of LEGO Olympic Minifigures, you can get them here.

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LEGO Olympic Minifigures 2012

Here is an excellent review from Tom Cat over at Amazon.

Just in time for a great summer of sport. The Lego Group have released this quite wonderful set of 9 minifigures to coincide with the Olympic games. Given the hysteria surrounding a golden torch that has been passed around the country, one can only hope that the games themselves meet the same level of enthusiasm, for it could be many decades before this prestigious event is held in the U.K again.

Quite rightfully, these minifigures are only available in the U.K. I’m sure a few outsiders may be shaking their head at that statement, but it’s widely known that when we talk about Lego exclusives, the U.K is usually the last region to be treated, whilst U.S residents on the other hand are spoilt rotten. What’s more, the Olympics are actually being held in the U.K, so I can’t see why it would make any sense selling them for longer than the event lasts (Yes – fans have already bemoaned limited availability!) or abroad.

To address any further confusion, these minifigures do NOT count towards the other line of ‘Collectable Series #’ minifigures. That is being continued in September with a brand new series.

If I’m being honest, the best place to acquire this little guys is at an actual Lego retail store, where the marvellous staff can even help you ‘find’ particular ‘figures that you may be looking for. You can purchase as many as you want (unlike the limit-per-order online) and you can obviously see them in a cabinet before purchasing.

But getting straight to the ‘figures themselves, I am simply overwhelmed by how good they actually are. I’ll be the first to admit that, upon seeing just photographs, a few of the characters looked a little similar to what we have already seen in the Collectable Minifigures series, but once you see and hold one in person, it all makes a bit more sense. Details are beautifully rendered and, credit to the artists, they have captured the spirit of the Olympics in something little more than a centimetres tall.

Of course, what makes these ‘figures unique is the Team GB and Olympic branding. Every character has a Team GB logo on their attire, and even the 4×3 base plate that they stand on has Team GB and Olympic branding. This is something that in years to come, the owner will rightfully reflect on with a sigh of relief that they were able to acquire such special products.

Some details enhance a more realistic portrayal of these characters actually being athletes. The Swimmer, for example, has finely rendered muscles on his chest, whilst the Relay Runner has creases and stitching in his shorts (something that would have normally been silly to include). We see some very creative building techniques – particularly with the Weight Lifter and and the very unique headpiece for the Equi… Equi… … Horse Rider. Her helmet/hat is actually fixed to a beautiful hair piece that includes a pony tail.

My favourite ‘figure has to be the gymnast. The inclusion of a bench for her move about on is very subtle but clever, and I really like her outfit as it’s possibly the most recognisable from first glance. But upon saying this, each character is just superbly designed and unique in it’s own way. They all include one gold medal too, which hangs around their neck.

To summarise, I wouldn’t even think twice about purchasing these individual packets again if I was to see them out and about. It’s rare that we get treated to something as simple and special as this, and with a bit of creativity, the owner can construct their own grand presentation for these characters. I have been told by store staff that they are only available for a month, so pick them up before they go!



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