LEGO Ninjago Fire Temple – Christmas 2011 Dream Dozen Toys

Dream ToysThis is one of the best sets in the LEGO Ninjago range, in the Lego Ninjago Fire Temple you can control the battle to find out which side will gain the 4 Spinjitzu weapons and get ready because battle has already begun!

The LEGO Ninjago Fire Temple is one of the mast fantastical toys of 2011 and has been given the privilege of being in the top 12 Dream Toys for Christmas 2011!

When you get your LEGO Ninjago Fire Temple you will be able to help Sensei Wu, Zane and Nya to stop the dark Lord Garmadon and his evil LEGO skeleton army in their quest to take the ultimate Spinjitzu weapon, the mighty LEGO dragon sword of fire.

Lets see what the best UK price for your new LEGO Ninjago Fire Temple at Amazon

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LEGO Ninjago Fire Temple - Christmas 2011 Dream Dozen Toys

In this LEGO Ninjago Fire Temple all you need to do is split the temple in half to release the mighty Fire Dragon!

Use the Fire Dragon to protect the sword by spitting fire balls at Lord Garmadon! Included are seven LEGO minifigures, Sensei Wu, Zane, Kai, Nya, Lord Garmadon, Samukai and Kruncha, you also get 4 golden Ninjago weapons and 14 other assorted Ninjago weapons.

The LEGO Ninjago Weapons included are scythe of quakes, nunchucks of lightning and a whole heap more!

Or you could get your LEGO Ninjago Fire Temple on eBay

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