LEGO Ninjago Garmadon’s Dark Fortress 2505 Bone Crunching Action

LEGO Ninjago 2505 Garmadon's Dark FortressLego sets just get better and better, and if you have a serious Lego fan in your life they will love you forever if you get them the LEGO Ninjago 2505 Garmadon’s Dark Fortress.

This is one of the more expensive sets available in the Ninjago collection from Lego but it is one of the best ones to have, providing hours of creative action for budding Ninja heroes.

According to the continuing saga that surrounds the Ninjago world, the evil 4-armed skeleton Samukai has stolen three of the precious golden weapons and run off with them back to Lord Garmadon’s scary fortress.

It is up to the heroes of the piece, the red ninja Kai and his sister Nya, to brave the perilous fortress to retrieve the weapons and return them to safety. An epic battle is bound to ensue with the goodies facing stiff competition from the baddies, and they will have to employ all of their knowledge and skills to triumph.

LEGO Ninjago Garmadon’s Dark Fortress 2505 Price Comparison

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LEGO Ninjago 2505 Garmadon's Dark Fortress

The LEGO Ninjago 2505 Garmadon’s Dark Fortress set is aimed at children between the ages of 8 and 14 but will appeal to avid Lego fans of all ages. The set includes Lord Garmadon’s fortress, complete with frightening colour scheme and plenty of evil features to keep the heroes on their toes.

A very innocent looking spider hangs on the outside of the fortress, perilously close to an ominous-looking button (I’ll leave this feature as a surprise!). Other accessories to complete the fortress itself include graces that pop open, missiles, spinning towers and a throne that moves.

The evil figures included in the LEGO Ninjago 2505 Garmadon’s Dark Fortress set are Lord Garmadon himself, Samukai, Bonezai and Chopov. Samukai is a particularly great addition to the LEGO set as he is one of the rarer figures to be found in the Ninjago collection.

To balance out the battle, the set also includes the brave ninja Kai and his sister Nya, another rare piece in the whole collection. All of the figures come with a scary variety of weapons includes a golden scythe, nunchucks of lightening, shurikens of ice, a black sword and a silver sword.

Ask any Lego lover what they would like most out of the Ninjago collection and the answer is bound to be the LEGO Ninjago 2505 Garmadon’s Dark Fortress.

With over 500 pieces and plenty of scope to dream up a variety of interesting scenarios, the dark fortress set is bound to be a favourite for many years to come.

LEGO Ninjago 2505 Garmadon’s Dark Fortress cheaper on eBay?

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LEGO Ninjago 2505 Garmadon's Dark Fortress

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