LEGO Monster Fighters Ghost Train – Christmas Toys 2012

LEGO Monster Fighters Ghost Train Christmas Toys 2012In the very first of my Christmas Toys 2012 posts I give you the fantastic LEGO Monster Fighters Ghost Train.

This is one of the new LEGO Monster Fighter sets in their new exciting 2012 range.

This set is aimed at boys and girls aged from about eight years old, but with all things like this you know your own children and what they are comfortable building or playing with.

Coming with loads and loads of sections which are made up of  741 pieces this set will keep you and your children occupied for a while!

LEGO Monster Fighters Ghost Train Price Comparison

Firstly you get a fantastic LEGO Monster Fighters Ghost Train resplendent in jet black and luminous green bricks, with a big scary face on the front more than enough to send a shiver down any Monster Fighters spine!

Attached to this are three different ghostly carriages for your LEGO Ghost Minifigures to ride on.

LEGO Monster Fighters Ghost Train - Christmas Toys 2012

Two of the carriages are the same design, they are though great because if I know little people they will love using them as little cars to drive thier ghosts about in.

LEGO Monster Fighters Ghost Train - Christmas Toys 2012The Train is made with lovely little Ghostly details like spikes, bones and bat wings, it really is a great design with what look like loads of new parts that I haven’t seen before in a LEGO set, including a load of Glow in the Dark parts!

With some lovely little details like a prison in the middle Ghost Train carriage for storing those dastardly Monster Fighters! Speaking of which….

The LEGO Monster Fighters Ghost Trains dosn’t only come with the Ghost Train as I expect you have surmised from the pictures it also comes with a cracking Plane which is loaded to the brim with Monster Fighting kit!

LEGO Monster Fighters Ghost Train - Christmas Toys 2012 Plane

In fact that Monster Fighting kit is actually a lot like that seen in the Film the Ghostbusters. The Vacuum Weapon will suck up those Ghosts given half the chance and those Ghosts know it. With this LEGO set you get two Monster Fighters, Frank Rock and Ann Lee whose task it is to capture the three Ghost Minifigures you also get with this set.

LEGO Monster Fighters Ghost Train - Christmas Toys 2012 DetailFrank Rock and Ann Lee are also after the Ghosts because they have nicked the Moonstone and they are determined to nab those pesky Ghosts.

The Ghost Train is 4” (10cm) high, 4” (10cm) wide and 19” (48cm) long so this is quite a large LEGO set. The Hero airplane is over 3” (7cm) high, 8” (21cm) wide and 8” (20cm) long.

LEGO Monster Fighters Ghost Train – Christmas Toys 2012

So in conclusion the LEGO Monster Fighters Ghost Train is in my opinion a worthy pick for one of the most popular Christmas Toys 2012. Many merchants have this toy featured in their Christmas Prediction list and I’m sure you would like to see who of them has it the cheapest for your child, check out the links above for the LEGO Monster Fighters Ghost Train – Price Comparison.

LEGO Monster Fighters

LEGO Monster Fighters Ghost Train

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