LEGO Mining Range – Gold Found In LEGO City

LEGO Mining Range LEGO City

The new LEGO Mining Range is out in the shops at the start of August and I have to say as a LEGO fan these new LEGO City sets look fantastic.

With five LEGO Mining sets to kick of this new sideline of the ever popular LEGO City line of toys there is something for everyone.

Being very similar in style to the LEGO City Construction range this new Mining range is definitely for the gold hunters amongst us!

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LEGO Mining – 4×4 – LEGO City 4200 Price Comparison

Lego Mining 4200 Mining 4x4 Truck LEGO City

The LEGO Mining 4X4 truck is the smallest ( and cheapest) of the range and is perfect for a birthday present or a friday treat! With a smashing little truck thats got penny of room for transporting boulders, dynamite and all the tools of the trade.

The set comes with one LEGO Mining Minifigure who has a fantastic silver Mining helmet with mining lamp, definetly a new design as I’ve not see this before (could be utterly wrong there!). All in all a great addition and starting set to this fantastic new range of LEGO Mining Toys.

LEGO Mining – Loader and Tipper – LEGO City 4201 Price Comparison

LEGO Mining 4201 Loader and Tipper LEGO City

Next up we have the slightly larger LEGO Mining Loader and Tipper set which features a two man team ready to tackle bigger jobs with their small LEGO Mining Tipper Truck and LEGO Mini Loader perfect for scooping up all that Gold and Silver!

You get two LEGO Mining Minifigures to control the vehicles and like the 4X4 truck you get loads of extra bits and bobs to play with. I love the design of the mini loader it looks just like the ones you see out on the highways, although this one is just the right size to get down those mines shafts and after all that lovely gold!

LEGO Mining – Mining Truck – LEGO City 4202 Price Comparison

LEGO Mining 4202 Mining Truck LEGO City

Now those blokes at LEGO Mining HQ aren’t mucking about they have brought in the big boys, this LEGO Mining Truck is flipping ginormous! I love the ruggedness of it, you can just imagine it in a back garden sandpit helping to creat your childs sandpit mine, and this truck is fully built to carry loads and loads of Gold.

Coming with a LEGO Mining Minifigure driver and some gold filled boulders, this would be a fantastic vehicle to add to your LEGO City collection, or to start one off!

LEGO Mining – Excavator Transport – LEGO City 4203 Price Comparison

LEGO Mining 4203 Excavator Transporter LEGO City

I tell you, if there is anything little boys love its lorries with transport trailers! This LEGO Mining Excavator Transport would keep a little boy (or girl) in your household occupied for hours and hours, kids love loading stuff onto their own trucks.

Coming with two LEGO Mining Minifigures to help drive the Transporter and a massive drill bit for the excavator to pound the gold out of the mountain, this LEGO City set is bound to be loads of fun.

I love how LEGO trucks have come on over the years the design looks so much like a real truck its wicked.

LEGO Mining – The Mine – LEGO City 4204 Price Comparison

LEGO Mining 4202 The Mine LEGO City

No when I was a kid this LEGO Mining The Mine set would definitely be classed in my youthful mind as a “Big Christmas” present! Check out that truck its massive, even bigger than the Transport above, well the cab is. In this set you get a mine building with crane and train and loads of features for your LEGO Minifigures and you to explore.

The detail of this set is fantastic, so many little bits and bobs for little fingers to play with, there are 4 LEGO Mining Minifigures and tools and equipment to keep them all occupied as the smash up the Mine looking for Gold. The Drill truck is a great design and one that children will love, although I know my Son would spin it around and have the drill as a massive rocket booster!

You can connect up the train track to your LEGO City Train Track if you are lucky enough to have one, but all in all this set would look great in anyones LEGO City collection.

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