LEGO Hobbit – Brand New Sets – Bilbo Baggins-tastic!

LEGO HobbitToday I am utterly excited about the New LEGO Hobbit sets I’ve just seen are coming out soon or just in the shops right now!

As you will know if you read my post about the LEGO Lord of the rings sets you will know that I’m a big JRR Tolkien fan and also somewhat of a LEGO Fan (AFOL as we are known.. thats an Adult Fan Of LEGO!), thankfully my Son is too so its not… too weird.

So today I noticed that the LEGO Hobbit toys are out in the shops and man was I tempted to pre-order them all, I have to restrain myself though, what with Christmas coming I have presents to buy. They are available to buy from the beginning of December.

There are six LEGO Hobbit sets in the first range and one LEGO Hobbit board Game and I believe there is a LEGO Video Game come very soon too. Lets take a closer look at each of the New LEGO Hobbit Sets. East set will feature a shot mini Review (Big reviews will follow after Christmas), price comparison and a video for each set from the LEGO Designers! Ace can’t wait πŸ˜‰

Lego Hobbit 79000 – Riddles For The Ring

The Riddles of The Ring is the first and smallest set in the new LEGO Hobbit range of toys.

LEGO Hobbit 79000 – Riddles For The Ring

It is set on the banks of an subterranean lake underneath the Misty Mountains and sees Bilbo Baggins with his trusty sword Sting, as he uncovers a mystical ring that had been misplaced by the twisted creature Gollum.

You can use the special function that will show the ring just like in the book when Bilbo finds it. Bilbo has to be careful though, because only Gollum, on his craft of Goblin bones & skin, knows the way out.

Will Bilbo Be able to crack the riddles Gollum asks him? Will he be able to escape with the Ring before Gollum finds out it ia gone? Check the link link below for the very best price for the LEGO Hobbit The Riddles of The Ring.

Lego Hobbit 79011 – Escape From Mirkwood Spiders

In the second of the LEGO Hobbit sets we see the Escape From Mirkwood Spiders set. In this set you will join Fili & Kili as they delve deep inside the dim and frightful Mirkwood Forest.

Lego Hobbit 79011 – Escape From Mirkwood Spiders

You will be able Attack the dwarfs with three cool glow in the dark mini spiders as well as two huge spiders (not quite as big a The Lord Of The Rings LEGO Shelob) that also feature glow in the dark evil eyes.

The Spiders are trying to trap them within their webs that are high up in the treetops, you get one tree to build. You get Legolas Greenleaf & Tauriel who will help save the dwarves by attacking the spiders and releasing the Dwarves. Check the links below for the best price in the UK for the LEGO Hobbit Escape From Mirkwood Spiders set.

Lego Hobbit 79002 – Attack Of The Wargs

The next set is the Attack Of The Wargs set as the band of Dwarves are attacked by evil Wargs and Goblins.

Lego Hobbit 79002 – Attack Of The Wargs

Our heroes have got away from the nasty Goblins of The Misty Mountains, but unfortunately the band of Dwarves and a Hobbit walk right into with another dangerous situation. You will be able to shoot the Dwarves up in to the tree top branches of the huge tree where hopefully they will be safe.

Yaznegβ„’ along with two other Hunter Orcs have arrived riding Wargs and they are on the attack! The Orcs attempt to burn the tree down, so you can use the tree’s very own magic flame shooter function to help the dwarves fight right back. Below are links were you will find the best UK price for the LEGO Hobbit Attack Of The Wargs set.

Lego Hobbit 79003 – An Unexpected Gathering

Now the set thats my favorite and its about time the made a model of Bag End, here we have the An Unexpected Gathering.

Lego Hobbit 79003 – An Unexpected Gathering

If you have read the book then you will know that Gandalf, invited a host of Dwarves to Bag End, and that Bag End is the home a certain Bilbo Baggins who most definitely in not expecting them. To begin with Bilbo is really not chuffed about having to cater for all these very un announced and particularly rude guests!

You will be able to imagine that you are Bilbo as the Dwarves invite him to join up on their adventure to The Lonely Mountain. in this set you get loads of figures including Gandalf the Grey, Bilbo Baggins in his Shire outfit, Balin the Dwarf, Dwalin the Dwarf, Bombur the Dwarf and Bofur the Dwarf, and this set is crammed full of cool fatures and a host of accessories for you to play with. Check the links below for the best UK price.

Lego Hobbit 79004 – Barrel Escape

Next up we have the Barrel Escape another scene that fans of the book will be familiar with.

Lego Hobbit 79004 – Barrel Escape

The Dwarves have been slung down nto the Dungeon of the in The Elf King and you will need to use Bilbo and his ring of invisibility to sneak past the guards, stealing the key so you can free the Dwarves!

With this LEGO set you will be able to cram the Dwarves each inside once of the barrels and this set even comes with the function to roll the barrels down into the the water, down the ramp with the Dwarves inside. Thisset has loads of other interactive functions so you can imagine you are in the Hobbit!

Included in this set are Bilbo Baggins, Gloin the Dwarf, Oin the Dwarf, Mirkwood Elf Chief and Mirkwood Elf Guard and loads of other cool accessories. The Barrel Escape price comparison will be coming soon.

Lego Hobbit 79010 – The Goblin King Battle

Now we have the last, and the biggest of these first wave of LEGO sets from the upcoming film The Hobbit, The Goblin King Battle.

Lego Hobbit 79010 – The Goblin King Battle

You will be able to pretend you are helping to save the party of Dwarves, because the goblins have caught them and are keeping them locked up in the bowels of their grubby cavens.

Can you help as Gandalf slides past the giant Goblin King and tries to let the dwarves go.

This LEGO set features heaps of ingenious functions, like secrets and hidden treasures as well as a firing catapult, collapsing rope bridge, lifting bucket crane, tipping ladder and maps to find. You will get Gandalf the Grey, Dori the Dwarf, Nori the Dwarf, Ori the Dwarf, a Goblin Scribe, 2 Goblin Soldiers as well as the the ugly great Goblin King.

Check the link below for the very best Price in the Uk for LEGO The Goblin King Battle.

Make sure to check out their most excellent LEGO Hobbit themed website.



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