LEGO Friends Olivia’s House – Christmas Toys 2012

LEGO Friends Olivia's House Box ImageThe LEGO Friends range of toys is an excellent selection of toys aimed well and truly at girls. I’ve always been impressed with LEGO Friends, well I’m always impressed by LEGO, infact LEGO if your reading, please can I come and work for you.. oh did that come out loud…. cough erm where was I.

Ah yes LEGO Friends, I have to admit I’ve been a bit slack in featuring this range of toys on my blog and apart from The LEGO Friends Advent Calendar 2012, LEGO Friends posts are quite lacking round these parts.

So lets amend the balance and take a look at one of the Dream Toys of 2012 the most excellent LEGO Friends Olivia’s House.

LEGO Friends Olivia’s House Price Comparison

Lets take a look at the LEGO Friends Olivia’s House in more depth. Inside the box you will find 695 pieces so this is quite a big LEGO set and as such you can make a whole heap of things. First up you can make the main set, the lovely LEGO Friends Olivia’s House.

LEGO Friends Olivia's House Main

So as well as the main house model you also get oodles of accessories that make Olivia’s garden a fun place to be, she has a Barbecue, Veg an flower patch a lawnmower to keep things tidy, white picket fence and a post box.

This set comes with three of the new LEGO Friends style Minifigures which I believe are called Mini doll figures.

When you flip the house around you can see all of the incredible detail to be found inside Olivia’s House.

LEGO Friends Olivias House Round The Back

She has a bedroom for her and her cat to relax in, full of great accessories. Next door she has a great shower room with a sink and tiled floor. Downstairs she has a fully fitter kitchen with all the mod cons and next door she has a living room with big telly and comfy seats.

LEGO Friends Olivias House Option 2But thats not all up on the top of the house she has a balcony for catching the rays and next to her house she has a swing for relaxing.

LEGO Friends Olivias House has another feature your kids are going to love, which is something LEGO have been doing a lot more recently and thats making their sets so you can build them in different ways.

With this set you can build it in three different ways so you can set up your house how you want it.

LEGO Friends Olivias House Option 3

So there you have the excellent LEGO Friends Olivias House which I highly recommend for your children, LEGO is great because it just keeps on giving, a great addition to your LEGO box!

LEGO Friends Olivias House on eBay

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