Go Racing With Your Own Lego Ferrari Truck! – Lego Set 8185

Go Racing With Your Own Lego Ferrari Truck, this post is all about the new Lego Set 8185 which features a fantastic looking Lego Ferrari Truck

The New Formula 1 season is in full swing and its all open and there is everything to drive for as all the main drivers are separated by only a few points. Ferrari have done very well this season so far with a win from their new driver Fernando Alonso and some good points scored by the returning Massa. So if your a Ferrari fan then let me tell you about this fantastic Lego set that you are I’m sure going to love!

Ferrari Truck Lego Set 8185 Box Image

The Ferrari Truck Lego set no 8185 is of the normal Lego high standard and comes with a massive 534 different pieces. All of these pieces make one huge Ferrari Truck, one Ferrari Formula 1 Racing Car and you also get 5 fantastic Ferrari Team mini figures with all the equipment they need to keep the team up and running. The Ferrari Truck opens up on both sides and at the back, the cabin can be removed so you can put a mini figure in to drive your truck when its time for the next race!

Lego Ferrari Truck – Lego Set 8185 Best UK Prices

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Ferrari Truck Lego Set 8185 Truck Built Image

Ferrari Truck Lego Set 8185 Racing Car

Lego Ferrari Truck – Lego Set 8185 Cheaper on eBay

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