The Lego Duplo Stone Quarry 5653 Is A Tip-Top Toy!

LEGO Duplo Stone Quarry 5653Any little boy (or girl!) who is crazy about construction toys will be delighted to receive the Lego Duplo Stone Quarry 5653.

Duplo, part of the Lego family, is a well-known brand that incredibly has been on the go since 1969. The bricks are akin to the standard Lego ones that we all know and love, the main difference being that they are eight times the size!

This means that the younger members of the family can experience the joys of Lego without missing out – it also means that parents and carers can be assured that they won’t end up in A & E trying to locate a swallowed small brick!

The Duplo range, including the wonderful Lego Duplo Stone Quarry 5653, is aimed at children between the ages of 2 and 5.

Lego Duplo Stone Quarry 5653 Price Comparison

LEGO Duplo Stone Quarry 5653

The size of the bricks, which are brightly coloured, mean that they are easy for little hands to handle and manipulate. Even the vehicles that come with this particular set are quite large and it is advisable not to let your little one ram your toes with it as it is very sturdy!

LEGO Duplo Stone Quarry 5653Included in the Lego Duplo Stone Quarry 5653 set in terms of vehicles is a front loader, a crane and a cement mixer truck.

The crane measures a whopping 12 inches high, whilst the cement-mixer scales a height of 4 inches (width is also 4 inches), and the front loader comes in at 6 inches long and over 5 inches high.

LEGO Duplo Stone Quarry 5653The crane is a great deal of fun too, due to the fact that it has a claw at the front, complete with easy grab “tabs” at the top to pick up all of those heavy bricks. The set comes with 3 worker figures to graft in the quarry and ensure that all of those deliveries are made on time.

As well as the machines and the figures, the Lego Duplo Stone Quarry 5653 set also comes with plenty of accessories to help make the scenario really appealing and fun to a younger audience.

LEGO Duplo Stone Quarry 5653There are different coloured bricks of different sizes to act as the rocks and one can even be used in the flip-up section of the front loader to act as an engine.

There are several slides for the rocks to fall down into a red skip (which can be attached to the cement mixer truck for delivery), as well as several spades, road signs and a trusty wheelbarrow.

This Duplo set is a great addition to any existing set and will provide hours of creative construction fun!

Lego Duplo Stone Quarry 5653 cheaper on eBay?

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LEGO Duplo Stone Quarry 5653

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