LEGO Apple Tree House 5891 Brighten Up The Neighbourhood

LEGO Creator 5891 Apple Tree HouseIf your child already owns some of the Lego Creator or Lego City sets that are out there then they will be chuffed to bits when you hand them the LEGO Creator 5891 Apple Tree House. This set is part of the popular Lego Creator range and works well with existing sets from this range as well as the Lego City sets too.

Lego has always been a childhood favourite and the LEGO Creator 5891 Apple Tree House is one of the most exciting and impressive creations from the company.

The product does not include any minifigures but it doesn’t need to – there are oodles of other bits in the set (a whopping 539 pieces to be exact) and it will take your child a while to build the Apple house anyway! The LEGO Creator 5891 Apple Tree House set is actually a bargain as you can create another two houses (a summerhouse and a two storey townhouse) as well as the Apple Tree one.

LEGO Creator 5891 Apple Tree House on Amazon

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LEGO Creator 5891 Apple Tree House

The first house is very beautiful with a dark blue roof and a single garage to accommodate a small car. The base plate makes up a huge garden even after the house has been completed. There are plenty of great accessories that your child will absolutely love including a basketball net, a mailbox (complete with cute little letters to put in it), a satellite dish to attach to the roof, a lawnmower, bushes, a water pipe and of course, an apple tree.

LEGO Creator 5891 Apple Tree HouseThe inside of the Apple Tree house is spread over two floors, with the second floor being reached via a ladder and there are plenty of windows to open and close.

When the LEGO Creator 5891 Apple Tree House is morphed into an impressive two storey townhouse there is still plenty of room in the garden for the “outside” accessories. You can even use some spare bricks to make a see-saw and an arch, and the outside lamp just adds the finishing touch.

The summerhouse is comprised of two levels too and looks quaint in comparison to the other two structures that you can build (just as a summerhouse should!). The opportunities with this set are endless but you can have a brick wall surrounding the house, climbing ivy up the exterior wall and a pot of flowers sitting prettily on the upstairs window ledge.

As you can tell, the LEGO Creator 5891 Apple Tree House will provide hours and hours of creative fun for your child. It is aimed at children between the ages of 7 and 12, and will look fantastic sitting proudly next to any existing Lego house sets that have been collected already.

LEGO Creator 5891 Apple Tree House cheaper on eBay?

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LEGO Creator 5891 Apple Tree House

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