LEGO City The Mine – Christmas Toys 2012

LEGO City Mine 4204 BoxThe new LEGO City The Mine is the big makka jokka set in the fantastical new line of LEGO City Mining sets.

Gold has been discovered in the land of LEGO and they are not sitting idle, start up the engines its time for the big boys with their big toys, the miners are coming to town.

I looked at the whole range when they came out earlier in the year you can see the whole LEGO Mining Range here but today I’m going to go into detail about this lovely big set thats being tipped as one of the most wished for Christmas 2012 LEGO sets by quite a few of the ToyShops in the UK.

LEGO Mining The LEGO City The Mine Price Comparison

LEGO Mining The LEGO City The Mine Review

Aimed at children aged six to twelve (but really does LEGO need an upper limit?! 😉 ) this set is the biggest set currently in the new LEGO Mining range, which made its debut this year.

This is a great set because there are loads and loads of cool things to play with. Not only do you get a huge big articulated truck you also get a cool looking drill car which features a moving drill, A mining train and a huge crane, which if I know little children they will utterly love playing with. Children and cranes are oddly attracted!

LEGO City Mine 4204

The main Mine building is literally crammed full of details, there is the train track and station that can be attached to any other LEGO train track you have already. the Train can go off down the tunnel, which you could extend with your other LEGO.

On top of this you get your crane station which features a fully working crane with a control cab for your mini-figure to sit. With the crane you can lift the gold out of the train fresh from the depths of LEGO City Mine and load it into the conveyer belt which is located above the main mine shaft. Once the gold hits the conveyer belt it will slid down into the lorry ready to be taken away for processing.

With all LEGO sets you get Minifigures and with this one you get a Crew Chief who is in charge of your Mine, a Crane Drive who can carefully shift all that lovely Gold, a Driller to drive the drill truck or the train and a truck driver who is ready to fire up his engine and roll out on to the roads of LEGO City.

LEGO City Mine 4204 Detail Of Train

As you would expect from one of LEGO’s bigger sets, this LEGO City The Mine, is jammed chokka block full of lovely little details and funky little accessories for you to play with and I have to say they really do add to the set and make it really seem like a proper Mine, ok its still a toy, but its a proper cool one all the same!

You get some dynamite pack for blowing up the mountain each of which ( there are three) come with either a timer or a detonator, you get two big rocks that are crammed full of gold. Loads and loads (36) of smaller rocks so you can make you Mine look authentic, but thats not all, there are two gold bars, warning signs to warn any LEGO City residents who wander into the Mine that this is certainly not a safe place for a picnic!

There is a Storage box for the tools and speaking of which you get a Jackhammer, a fence with hazard lights a wheelbarrow, sweeping brush, shovel a walkie talkie and the most important part in the Mine, well if you ask one of the Miners they would probably say their favorite accessory was their coffee cup!

All in all this is one of the most jamm packed LEGO sets i’ve seen to date, the LEGO City The Mine will keep you and your children busy for days on end, I’m very very very very very tempted myself!

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