2013 LEGO City Fire Fighting Sets – A New Firefighting Force

LEGO City 2013 Fire

LEGO City LogoThis post is an overview of the excellent LEGO City Fire Fighting Sets that have been created for the excellent LEGO City range, they will be freshly hitting the shelves near you in 2013.

I tell you, its had work keeping up with LEGO and their output, they are, one could say rather prolific. They are constantly bringing out new sets and ranges to keep the many millions of LEGO fans (me included!) around the globe, happy, and in a ready supply of little packets of those lovely bricks.

Children have loved LEGO all my life and I can’t really ever see that changing. The concept of LEGO (and the many other clones) is so simple, easy to click together components to spark and feed a child’s (and Adults) imagination. There is, in my opinion not really any possibility of the love of the LEGO brick stopping in my lifetime (or yours!).

LEGO City Fireman 2013Building LEGO sets with your children is a total joy. I’ve really been enjoying it recently because my Son, who in the past had often let me do most of the building (a task you will never hear me complain about) has started to take the bull by the horns and take control of the process. Its great to see him totally understand the instructions and use his developing spacial awareness to build his LEGO models.

He still goes to his Stickle Bricks first, they are by far the most played with toy in our household, but LEGO, particularly LEGO Minifigure’s is a very close second.

When I was a little boy, similar aged to my Son, I remember going over the road to play with my friend Michael and I can clearly picture in my mind the very old LEGO Fire Station he had. It was a joy to play with, we had loads of fun, pretending there were fire going on in our little LEGO world.

30 Years later and LEGO are still making exceptional LEGO City Fire sets and in 2013 they have refreshed their whole line with a lovely selection of Lego Fire Fighting sets for all price ranges. In fact in writing this post I have been quite astounded by just how many different LEGO Fire Engines I’ve come across, you could keep yourself busy collecting just LEGO Fire Engines and Lego Fire Stations for years.

Anyway lets take a closer look at all the LEGO City Fire Sets that are going to cause happy smiles on the faces of millions of children around the world in 2013.

Lego City Fire Engines, Stations, Bikes, Boats & Choppers

There is literally something for everyone in this lot. LEGO have obviously thought long and hard about the whole range and tried to make a wide range of models that cover all aspects of Fire-fighting in and around LEGO City.

As always with LEGO toys they aren’t particularly based on any specific type of Fire Engine, but they have a feel of all of them, what I mean is they don’t look like US or UK Fire Engines, they all have their own unique familiar LEGO Style.

We will be starting with the cheapest sets and as this post progresses we will look at the more expensive and bigger LEGO City Fire Fighting sets.

The Alarm is ringing, there is a fire raging, don’t panic! its time to call the professionals, call 999 and lets hope the LEGO City Fire Brigade are at action stations!

LEGO City Fire Motorcycle 60000

The smallest set in the range is a fine Fire Motorcycle from LEGO. It might be small but I’m telling ya those LEGO Motorcycles are seriously popular with kids. We have the LEGO City Police version of this bike, in white and it is constantly out in my living room often with some crazy LEGO Minifigure riding it. So this set in my opinion is a great set for any young LEGO fan, these bikes are really intuitive and they can’t half shift too!

LEGO City Fire Motorcycle 60000

So with this set, that will set you back about a fiver, you get a LEGO fire-fighter minifigure. He Comes with his portable fire extinguisher and his seriously cool red LEGO City Fire Motorcycle with its very snazzy 60000 set number proudly stuck on the side, a nice touch on LEGO’s part.

This Pro Fire-fighter though is going to need something to tackle and included in this set is a recycling bin that’s caught on fire! Its a basic and small set, but its also a very cost effective set and its the perfect set for a Birthday Present or for a pocket money treat.

LEGO City Fire Chief Car 60001

Next up we have another cheap LEGO set that doesn’t scrimp on the features. This is also an excellent choice if your looking for a present for a little person in your life. You get Two LEGO Minifigures, a Fire Chief with his very important looking golden helmet and a Lady holding a fish… now when I first saw this I thought.. “why is that lady LEGO figure holding a fish?” and for a few days it perplexed me, I’ve just worked it out.. she is holding it to entice the cat out of the tree of course!

LEGO City 2013 Fire Chief Car 60001

So yes you also get a tree and a white cat that’s stuck up there. The LEGO City Fire Chief has turned up to help, I’m not entirely sure what he thinks he is going to do without a ladder, but I expect these chaps are expertly trained and all. His Fire Chief Car is ace and any little girl or boy who is into LEGO would love this one. It says ages 5-12 but you know the skills of your child, its the sort of set though that will be fairly easy to build.

The Design of these LEGO Cars has really come on leaps and bounds over the last few years and they are becoming more and more realistic, of course they still look LEGOish, but as they bring out more new bits and there are flipping thousands of those now, their creations (and yours 😉 ) get better and better. Again I particularly like the use of the LEGO 60001 number down the side of the car door, very swish.

LEGO Fire Truck 60002 ( LEGO Fire Engine (in British :P) )

This is the set that a lot of people will buy I think, well its the Fire Engine isn’t it! Every child should have a Fire Engine, and this is a mighty fine one! When I was growing up I always used to be a bit disappointed with the LEGO City Fire Engines because until maybe the last 10 year they didn’t look all that good with their sloping windows. These days though they look utterly spiffing and as close to the real thing as it LEGOly possible.

In this very reasonably priced LEGO City Fire Truck set, (it will set you back about £15 or less) you get two fire-fighter minifigure’s, loads of accessories and a stonkingly good LEGO Fire Engine.

LEGO Fire Engine 60002

Inside the LEGO City Fire Engine there is space for your two Fire-fighters with two handy blue seats, I’m not sure there is enough room for them to change clothes like real firemen though! A few weeks back my Son and I had a discussion about his friends dad, who is a fireman. He said “He sleeps in his Fire Engine”…. I said “are you sure little man? surely he sleeps in the Fire Station?”… he responded, “don’t be Daft Daddy, of course he sleeps in his Fire Engine!” 🙂

On the outsides of the LEGO City Fire Engine you will find storage for all their tools and an expendable fire-hose and there is even a place for you to plumb in a pipe from a fire hydrant so your Truck will always be full to the brim.

The absolute Pièce de résistance can be found up on the top of the Engine, the fantastic expendable Ladder is perfectly just like the real thing and I know that children will love it 100% definitely Children completely love playing with ladders and especially ones that fit their little LEGO Fire Fighting Heroes! All in all you can’t go wrong with this excellent set, every child needs a Fire Engine!

Onwards and upwards my Fire Fighting Fan…

LEGO Fire Boat 60005

I like sets that contain multiple vehicles, they are great sets to by for children because they instantly have a Goody/Baddy etc or what ever they can imagine. Two vehicles are always better than one because of the interaction fun that children can have with them. In this Set LEGO City Fire Boat, for twenty five quid you get as I’ve mentioned two different boats.

First up you get a fantastic blue speed boat piloted by two life jacket wearing chaps, unfortunately they have some technical problems in the fact their boat’s engine has just burst into flames!

Not to worry though, their Fire Fighting Backup is cutting through the waves, hot from LEGO City Port.

LEGO Fire Boat 60005

The main bigger LEGO City Fire Boat is manned by two experienced seamen who are also expert Fire-fighters, their state of the art craft is powered by two high-speed motors read for a quick response when someone is in danger. Up the from is a fire jet that can be spun so the Fireman (or Woman!) can quell those dangerous flames. Oh and last but not least if you need to help a drowning LEGO person all you need to do is fling them the included life buoy.

LEGO Fire Emergency 60003

In a similar priced set to the Fire Boat we just looked at, for twenty five quid you could get the LEGO Fire Emergency set instead ( or as well as ;)). With this set you get three Fire-fighters and a medium sized Fire Engine, that you will be happy to hear comes equipped with a great expendable ladder and as we talked about earlier kids love them!

LEGO City Fire Emergency 60003

When the bell rings they jump into action and this time they have been sent to an abandoned building that has caught fire, what caused it no one knows but one thing is for sure these Fire-fighters are up to the job and they get to work getting things under-control.

The building is a little small, but it does still have some nice features, the burning effect on the roof with the blackened bricks is great and I love the design of the street lamp. Maybe not as exciting as some of the other sets but still lots of fun to be had and you could always use your own bricks to extend the building a little bit.

LEGO Fire Helicopter 60010

Why is it that all these years later when I see a Helicopter I always think of Airwolf first! showing my age there!

Anyway back to LEGO after that little trip down memory road…. the LEGO City Fire Helicopter is a fantastic set, one that they have truly captured the vehicle in question in a monumental way. It looks so ace its untrue and to be honest thirty quid for a set like this is not bad at all. You get two LEGO City Fire Fighters, one to fly the chopper and one to go down the rope to rescue poor folk or to man the water cannon!

The winch comes with a swanky new LEGO function that I’ve not heard about before, it features LEGO® Power Functions… I can only asume that it will lower the Winch at the push of a button?

LEGO City Fire Helicopter 60010

The set also includes a small part of a Factory where there is a fire, giving your Fire-fighters some work to get stuck into. I have to say I love this set and I’m definitely putting this on my.. erm my Son’s Christmas list… 😉

LEGO City Fire Station 60004

And finally we have the main course the biggest, the bestest the brilliant Pièce de résistance of the new 2013 LEGO City Fire range, the spiffingly ace LEGO Fire Station.

Now earlier I mentioned about the LEGO Fire Station I used to play with as a child, sadly it wasn’t mine but it was my best mates! I just had to post a picture so you can see how LEGO has changed over the last 30+ years!

LEGO Town Fire Station From The Eighties

How, ace, is that!

Lets take a closer look at this splendid new 2013 LEGO City Fire Station. Containing five LEGO Minifigures, three LEGO Vehicles as well as the huge Fire Station and a load of other bits and bobs this set will keep your children busy for a long time as they happily build their own LEGO City Fire Station.

LEGO Fire Station 60004

Right then so you get a fast response Helicopter that has a landing pad on the roof of the Fire Station, this comes with a pilot. Underneath the Helicopter landing pad there are two spacious garages for the two Fire Engines, on is a big one with the fantastic Expendable ladder like the other models we have looked at and the other is a smaller Lego Fire Van which features an opening book for bits and bobs of fire fighting equipment.

All in all this is a great set and the variety of the models you get will mean that this is going to be a firm favourite with children and also Parents because although its expensive, Sixty Quid, it is really good value when you look at what you get.

LEGO City Fire 2013 Sets on eBay

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So in Conclusion

I’ve really enjoyed looking at the LEGO City Fire 2013 Range of fantastic new LEGO Toys and I’m sure that at least one of these will be in our LEGO collection before long, they are just too flipping great! The collection is really diverse and there is something for everyone with cheap and more expensive sets, I want to have them all but my Wife says we have too much LEGO already.. hrumph!

So I’d love to hear what you think about these sets, just bung your thoughts below, in doing so you might help someone else who is unsure what to get for their children. I do truly hope I have helped you to find what you were looking for and I hope you enjoyed my post about these tip top tastic LEGO City Fire 2013 Toys.



LEGO Loving father of two Simon, loves his family, playing, eating well and learning about new cool stuff. He very much like to help others and getting to play with toys with his kids while helping you find ace toys is a massive bonus! Check him out all around the tinterwebs on or Facebook or Twitter.