LEGO City Airport 3182 – Fasten Your Seat Belts, Lift Off!

LEGO City Airport 3182 Plane Terminal Tower 3182This new LEGO City Airport 3182 has just been announced as being on the 10 Ten list of Hottest toys for Christmas 2010 and you know what, I’m not surprised in the slightest!

When I was a kid I had the very original LEGO City Airport and all I can say is a massive WOW this LEGO City Airport 3182 set is worlds apart from the simple set I had, although I did get hours and hours of fun out of it all the same!

Welcome to the new LEGO City Airport 3182, enter through the revolving doors and make your way to the check in desk, here your holiday will start. Once you have your ticket then you make your way through LEGO City Airport 3182 security, while you wait for your flight to depart why not take advantage of the Airport Lounge.

When your flight is cleared for take of by the control tower you will be show to your seat on the most excellent LEGO Airplane with fully opening doors which means its easy to get your minifigures sat down and ready for their flight. As they are getting on the Airplane their luggage will be on the luggage truck ready to be loaded.

LEGO City Airport 3182 Price Comparison

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LEGO City Airport Plane Terminal Tower 3182

This fantastic LEGO City Airport 3182 comes ready for you to construct with a stonking 703 different pieces, which when constructed will make a huge plane that will hold loads of LEGO minifigures. But that’s not all, you also get a huge Airport Terminal and Control Tower to build as well as a baggage cart and 5 Minifigures, one Passenger a Pilot, a Flight Attendant a Steward and a Service man to drive the luggage to your plane.

The airplane measures over 20″ (50cm) in length and 7″ (17cm) tall while the terminal measures 10″ (25cm) tall and 10″ wide.

The LEGO City Airport 3182 is a great toy to bring out the creative side in your children and its great for imaginative play too!

LEGO City Airport Plane Terminal Tower 3182
LEGO City Airport Plane Terminal Tower 3182

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