LEGO City Advent Calendar 2012 – Its Christmas in LEGO City

The LEGO City Advent Calendar 2012The LEGO City Advent Calendar 2012, like the other two LEGO calendars for 2012 (LEGO Star Wars Calendar & LEGO Friends Calendar) is completely rammed full of fantastical toys for your children to discover everyday up to Christmas 2012.

If you haven’t had (well your children!) a LEGO Advent Calendar before than you are in for a real treat. Each door, and there are 24, contains either a LEGO Minifigure or a vehicle or a group of useful accessories for your LEGO World and Collection.

The new LEGO City Advent Calendar 2012 if fuly geared up to please fans of the LEGO City and as you would expect its full of really helpful Minifigures who are working their special jobs on the strets of LEGO City.

LEGO City Advent Calendar 2012 Price Comparison

Lets take a closer look at what you can expect to find in your.. erm your children’s LEGO City Advent Calendar 2012!

The LEGO City Advent Calendar 2012

We got our Son the LEGO Star Wars Calendar last year and this calendar is very similar, well it contains LEGO Ciy, not robots and Yoda’s, but the idea is your child gets a toy that they can keep forever, rather than the quickly forgotten treat of a square of (generally rubbish) chocolate.

As soon as we heard about these LEGO Calendars and as soon as we felt our Son would appreciate them, we felt they were worth spending that little bit extra for. I really like the idea that he is adding to his LEGO collection everyday, a collection I fully expect him to be playing with for years and years. I’m 35 and I still love LEGO!

So hiding behind each of the 24 doors is either one of seven Minifigures one of which is a fantastic Fathar Christmas Minifigures, or a great vehicle or little group of useful accessories that you can add to your LEGO City scene or vehicles.

I really think if your child is into LEGO this is definitly worth spending athat little bit more on because the quality of LEGO can’t be disputed, these toys will last a lifetime.. and then some!

The LEGO City Advent Calendar 2012

The LEGO City Advent Calendar 2012 on eBay

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