LEGO Chima Lennox Lion Attack – Protect the Lion tribe’s CHI

LEGO Chima Lennox Lion Attack Action Shot

LEGO Chima Lennox Lion Attack – Simon’s Review

This set is one of the new LEGO legends of Chima range from LEGO. The LEGO Chima Lennox Lion Attack is a lion shaped vehicle from the Lion Tribe that Lennox drives. Its similar in style to the bigger Laval’s Royal Fighter, but features speedy wheels rather than the all terrain tracks that feature on the larger set.

You get two LEGO Chima minifigures with this set, obviously you get Lennox from the Lion tribe, but you also get Crug from the Croc tribe who is intent on nicking off with all the CHI that Lennox is carrying.

The Lion Attack vehicle is an all terrain vehicle that well defended with Lion claws and dual CHI cannons and flick missiles, powered by CHI this is one fast transport Lennox has for himself. More than capable of protecting the CHI.

This is a brilliant addition to your LEGO Chima collection and one that won’t break the bank either.

Shoot the rapid-fire discs!
Fire the two flick missiles!
Protect the Lion tribe’s CHI!

Lets take a look at what LEGO say about their Set…

Protect the Lion tribe’s CHI with Lennox’s Lion Attack!

Crug is after the CHI powering the mighty Lion Attack vehicle. Catch him with the all-wheel drive then help brave Lennox to deploy the big claw attack. Load up the rapid-fire disc shooter and send that CHI-swiping scavenger back to the swamp where he came from! Includes 2 minifigures and a weapon.

Includes Crug’s standard weapon
Power through the jungle with all-wheel drive!

LEGO Legends Of Chima Logo

Toy Brand


Suggested Age:

Seven and Up

Toy Dimensions:

Height – 10cm
Width – 19cm
Depth – 16cm
Weight – 381g
Pieces: 230


Features CHI, big claw attack function, all-wheel drive, lion head front and rapid-fire disc shooter


LEGO Chima Lennox Lion Attack – Used & New eBay

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