LEGO Chima Crawleys Claw Ripper – Recover the CHI

LEGO Chima Crawleys Claw Ripper

LEGO Chima Crawleys Claw Ripper – Simon’s Review

LEGO Chima Crawleys Claw RipperThis is one sweet looking ride, with its beefy back wheels and halftracks up front, Leonidas is going to have a hard time to catch up with thie new LEGO Chima Crawleys Claw Ripper.

LEGO Chima Crawleys Ripper

Part of the new LEGO Legends of Chima range the LEGO Chima Crawleys Claw Ripper features two Minifigures, Crawley from the Croc Tribe and Leonidas from the Lion Tribe.

Both are after the CHI, you decide who gets it!

The detailing on this Claw Ripper is mighty fine, with an array of Crocodile teeth you wouldn’t want to meet this thing on a dark night, I can tell you!

LEGO Chima Crawleys Ripper

LEGO Chima Crawleys Ripper Detail

The Mouth snaps so Leonidas is going to have to look out.

A fantastically well built vehicle and one that will look great in your LEGO Chima collection, check the prices above for the best price in the UK right now.

This is what LEGO Say about this set…

Recover the CHI from Crawley’s Claw Ripper!

Crawley is making a getaway with the Lion tribe’s CHI in his amazing armored Claw Ripper. Help Leonidas to stop the Claw Ripper’s all-terrain rubber tracks, huge wheels, rotating claws and snapping croc mouth! Don’t let that scaly scoundrel get away! Track Crawley down and take the CHI back to the noble Lion tribe! Includes 2 minifigures and a weapon.

Includes 2 minifigures: Leonidas and Crawley, Features CHI, secret CHI chest, cockpit, rotating claws, snapping mouth, flipping rubber tracks and big wheels. Includes Leonidas’ CHI sword. Capture a minifigure in the snapping mouth!

LEGO Chima Crawleys Ripper Box

LEGO Chima Crawleys Claw Ripper – Used & New eBay

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