The LEGO Architecture Rockefeller Center 21007 – Keep Those Hands Busy For Many Hours!

LEGO Architecture 21007 Rockefeller CenterIf you have an older child then you probably find that they need something to keep their hands occupied so they do not drive you mad with fidgeting – and what better way to ensure that they are kept busy for hours than with the LEGO Architecture 21007 Rockefeller Center!

Out of the fantastic Architecture themed Lego sets that are available, this LEGO Architecture 21007 Rockefeller Center set, was designed specifically with fidgety, restless children in mind. Of course, not only will it be of help to those parents with children who can’t keep their hands still, as Lego is such a big name for collectors, this LEGO Architecture 21007 Rockefeller Center set will also be the perfect gift for any avid Lego model fan.

LEGO Architecture 21007 Rockefeller Center Price Comparison

One thing to note about the Architecture Lego themed sets available is that they are very intense. By this we mean that the LEGO Architecture 21007 Rockefeller Center will take a lot of patience, skill and steady hands to ensure that the masterpiece is built to perfection.

LEGO Architecture 21007 Rockefeller Center

Another thing to note about these sets is that some will comment that they are not as playable as other Lego products – but it is still possible to play with them to a certain extent, making them just as great as any other Lego product out there (and once your LEGO Architecture 21007 Rockefeller Center is built it is likely that your child will want to rest their weary hands for quite a while anyway).

To give you an idea of just how involved the Architecture themed range of products is, others available in the collection include Farnsworth House, Fallingwater, The White House and the Seattle Space Needle!

The LEGO Architecture 21007 Rockefeller Center set has 240 pieces altogether and is suitable for budding builders over the age of 10. All of the pieces help to create a true-to-life replica of the 19 buildings that make up this renowned 1930s complex.

LEGO Architecture 21007 Rockefeller CenterIn fact, you will find that it is easy to see even the small skating rink and a statue after completing the building of this set. Two hundred and forty pieces may not sound a lot in terms of Lego sets but rest assured that the bricks have different dimensions, meaning that you have to make sure that they are all put in the right place!

As well as the features noted above, there is also a fascinating booklet with your LEGO Architecture 21007 Rockefeller Center which gives detailed information about the building itself and the history surrounding its erection. To ensure that everyone knows that your child has kept his or her hands very busy for many, many hours, the set also comes with a stylish base, making it simple to show off their achievement to friends, family or even the passing postman.

For any Lego fan who wants to expand their collection or for any parent that want to keep their child’s hands busy for quite a few hours, the LEGO Architecture 21007 Rockefeller Center sis the perfect gift.

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